Massive Skull Found in Forest Sparks Bigfoot Frenzy

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The photo presented by Wildlife presenter Coyote Peterson stated to be the "Skull of Bigfoot"Coyote Peterson/Facebook

The presenter of the famous Brave Wilderness show has made a public announcement saying that he has discovered what he believes to be the skull of Bigfoot. Coyote Peterson is very well known across Western television as well as very popular on social media with over 10 million followers across multiple platforms.

There are many people who actually believe in Bigfoot, also known as Sasquatch. This purported ape-like creature is said to inhabit the forests of North America and people have been searching for centuries to find it. There have been many television as well as online shows that endorsed the existence of this creature in order to attract viewership, but no one with the reputation of Peterson has ever presented a story of Bigfoot.

Lately, his most successful online show named Brave Wilderness which is hosted on a YouTube channel with over 20 million subscribers, presented a controversial episode where Peterson shows the Skull of Bigfoot discovered in Canada.

Scientists have given their own opinion on the matter, saying that the skull is in fact a Gorilla skull. There are others who think that this is only a Gorilla skull prop that has been purchased off AliExpress to be used for the show in order to bring a large audience.

Live Science interviewed Darren Naish, a vertebrate paleontologist who has his professional opinion on this matter:

“This is undoubtedly a gorilla skull, as is obvious from numerous anatomical details, and as verified by a list of experts. Also, it seems to be identical to commercially available casts of a specific gorilla skull. We can straight away shut down the idea that it might be a real skull of an unknown primate. Nope. It’s a cast of a known species,” (Quote by Darren Naish)

Something else that has been pointed out by the audience within the comment section is that he takes the skull, which is based on U.S. Customs and Border Protection is illegal. Bringing bones or “biological specimens” within the US requires various permits from multiple US official institutions such as the US Department of Agriculture, the Centre for Disease Control, and the US Fish and Wildlife Service.

Taking into consideration that there are no large primates such as apes or gorillas living in North America (apart from Zoos), it is very unlikely that this is the skull of a real gorilla. Others claim that the host of the show is only doing this to attract a bigger audience and using his reputation to make it more credible.

Those who believe in the Bigfoot conspiracy say that this is the proof as to why Bigfoot has not been seen, yet there are still media outlets around the US that are promoting stories of Bigfoot killing people. Peterson is confident that he had actually discovered Bigfoot, despite scientists arguing otherwise.

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