Opinion: The Bible States That Christianity Actually Supports Abortion Rights

Andrei Tapalaga

The unexpected Roe v Wade case that resulted in banning abortion across Texas and Missouri had women fighting for their rights through any means necessary. This even included arguments that involved Christianity and the biblical views towards abortion. The strong Christian community within the states where the ban has been set used the Bible's authority to argue for abortion care as not just a basic human right, but a moral Christian imperative.

As 13 more states are following to have abortion banned, women are using their Christian beliefs as an argument against the ban. Rev. Jennifer Butler pro-abortion activist and founder of Faith in Public Life mentioned that Roe took a Christian stance, saying that having an abortion as an option is not a human Right, but a mandatory Christian Right.

“As I was coming along in ministry they taught me not to be explicit ‘Christian’ when I spoke out in the public square because they didn’t want to, quote, ‘be like the Christian Right. They were embarrassed the Christian Right used their voice in the way that it did.” (Quote by Rev. Jennifer Butler)

Interestingly enough, in a survey published in May, most of those who support a woman's right to abortion care are faithful Christians that live by the word of the lord as well as the bible. It would be a great sin for those types of people to use the authority provided by the bible or Christianity in the wrong context. The thing is that the Bible does not specifically say much about abortion.

Taking into consideration the opinion of Katie Edwards, an academic specializing in the Bible. "The Bible is a uniquely influential but notoriously malleable cultural document.", in other words, many things can be taken out of context by believers.

On the other hand, there is a text within a passage of the bible (5:11-31) that mentions a case where abortion seems to be permitted by the Bible. According to this passage when a husband that suspects their wife of adultery, the wife should be subjected to a divinely sanctioned ritual, administered by a priest, to determine her innocence. If the ritual causes the woman to lose her pregnancy, then she's guilty of adultery, and in that case, losing the baby is ok.

The bible does not say specifically that a woman has the right to choose if she should have an abortion or not, however, 72% of Christians that support abortion Right believe that "the decision about whether to have an abortion should belong solely to the pregnant woman". The argument is very controversial, especially the debate created within the Supreme Court where Christianity is becoming more and more debated.

One of the most popular passages from the Bible known by every Christian "thou shall not kill" has been used when it comes to abortion and against pro-abortion Christian protestors. Dr. Jacqui Lewis, a senior minister at collegiate Chruch says that the far right is using the passages wrongly as it does not apply to this specific argument: "The frequent conservative rejoinder “thou shalt not kill” is improperly applied here".

She also points out that the Old Testament also includes many other laws that conflict with the passage and that have been the subject of earnest Jewish debate throughout the centuries.

"If the far-right Christian-ish people want to debate ‘thou shalt not kill,’ get a rabbi, not your far-right pastor, but a rabbi to come to talk to your church and speak about what those texts mean and what Jewish people think about abortions,” (Quote by Dr. Jacqui Lewis)

Seeing the high number of Christians that have been affected by the ban on abortion, it is only a matter of time before this turns from human rights issue to a belief contradiction. From a general perspective, most people that are pro-abortion believe that the woman carrying the fetus should have the last word, whilst some believe that abortion should be allowed only in the case of the pregnancy put's the mother's health at risk.

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