Nuclear-Powered Flying Hotel Could See 5,000 Guests in the Near Future

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A design of the Sky Cruise hotelHashem Al-Ghaili/ Youtube

Hashem Al-Ghaili, a prodigy in the engineering industry has been coming up over the past few years with incredible design of new technology that can actually be manufactured with the current resources as well as technology. His latest new design is one of his most ambitious yet, an AI-piloted Skey cruise that would never need to land and would fly guests around the world 24/7 for many years.

The design includes 20 engines that would be powered by nuclear fusion, meaning that it would never need to land in order to fuel. Al-Ghaili presented what he called "the future of luxurious tourism" where the Sky Cruise hotel would be sustained by staff on board and would be able to hold over 5,000 guests at once.

Guests, as well as perishable products, would be brought up by normal airliners. The concept is very similar to a sea cruiser, with the difference of having it in the air. The official presentation of this design had been premiered yesterday on YouTube, and it has been met with a lot of criticism, despite the calculated logistics behind it.

Al-Ghaili has responded in general to some of the comments saying that "today's technology allows to build an autonomous maintenance system, cutting many of the costs".

As everyone would expect, the cost of only a single ticket passes the five-figure mark, and this would be seen as a haven for the really rich taking into consideration the sort of investment it would require to build such a mammoth. Some of the comments took it further by emphasizing the exclusivity of this luxury:

“I feel like this is where all the rich people are going to hide during the apocalypse, and just fly around above all the rest of the world while everyone is fighting each other Mad Max style.”

Many of the designs created by Al-Ghaili reach a prototype stage, this is why certain Tycons are taking interest in the project.

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