There Are No Direct Laws in the US Prohibiting the Consumption of Cats and Dogs

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There is a loophole that has been identified by others as the act does not refer to direct consumptionStockSnap/Pixabay

The consumption of common house pets such as cats or dogs has been stereotypically applied only to various Asian countries, but actually, a good percentage of consumers can be found within the United States, as well as other western countries. 

Based on data gathered by the World Population Review, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and other central European countries have been identified as consumers of dogs and cats. 

A well-known fact is that Asia (especially China) is a big consumer of cats and dogs due to the economical situation within the country. However, a survey done by AnimalsAsia in 2015 shows that most consumers don’t eat cats and dogs due to their financial situation, but actually for the taste. 

You would probably be surprised to know that there are no specific laws within the US or Canada to prohibit the consumption of cats or dogs. There is however the Dog and Cat Meat Trade Prohibition Act of 2018, which prohibited the “transportation, delivery, possession, and slaughter of dogs and cats for human consumption,” which effectively dismantled any non-clandestine business built around the practice.

There is a loophole that has been identified by others as the act does not refer to direct consumption. The government had not taken into consideration Native American tribes whose rituals include the consumption of dog meat. Take for example the Kickapoo tribe that can be found residing in Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas. Many of their traditional dishes contain dog meat

When it comes to Canada, things are even worst as there is no law such as the Dog and Cat Meat Trade Prohibition Act of 2018. In Canada, the law actually states that dog meat is legal, although the meat must come from a licensed dog meat processing plant. Such processing plants do not seem to exist, or at least they are not registered under any legal entity. 

There is no specific number of consumers as no surveys of such kind have been done in the US, but taking into consideration data from American Pet Products Association (APPA) 2022, 17% of US households have a pet. That is 90.5 million families.

The world is met with a big conundrum as although based on the ethics respected by this society the consumption of cat and dog meat is wrong, there are many cultures that have the consumption of these animals as part of their culture. At the same time society does not want to offend and is trying to respect as well as include all cultures. 

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