5-Year-Old Publishes Book, Earns World Record

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Bella Jay Dark earned a Guinness World Record when her book, "The Lost Cat," was published when she was only 5 years and 211 days oldGuinness World Records

Bella Jay Dark from the United Kingdom has earned the Guinness World Record for the youngest person to publish a book. Her book entitled “The Lost Cat” had been published when Dark was only 5 years and 211 days old

Despite this strange record, the Guinness World Records organization had set some specific boundaries for this record. One of the boundaries for this specific record is that the book must have sold at least 1,000 copies in order for the writer to be considered as a contestant for the record. 

The book was published this year on 31 January 2022 and managed in a short period of time to sell enough copies in order to be considered a world record. Within the book, Dark has written about Snowy, a kitten who gets lost and learns a valuable lesson. 

“It’s about a cat that goes out getting lost and realizes she should not go out without her mum, so it has got a good message to it.” (Quote by Chelsie Syme)

The writing community is esthetic to see how such a young child is already teaching kids similar to her age valuable life lessons. This could have not been possible without the help of her mother, Chelsie Syme, and the publisher Ginger Dyre Press. 

“She has done the all the drawings by herself apart from one towards the back her older sister Lacey-May produced. This achievement is well deserved for all the hard work and dedication she’s put into The Lost Cat, and which we’re sure she will continue to do with her up and coming books. Watch out for The Lost Cat 2.” (Quote by Chelsie Syme)

Dark is excited about this achievement as she is currently working on her second book. This is not only a great inspiration for all children, but also for future generations.

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