Miracle Takes Place As Kids Survive Theme Park Ride Snapping Mid-Ride

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Some of them suffered minor injuriesMilliyet

Going on a holiday during the summertime should be filled with moments of joy, but sometimes the world can take a major turn. This is what happened at Ataturk Park in south-western Turkey. Footage filmed by a parent whilst their child was on the ride captured how the ride broke whilst the children were on the ride, sending them in the air whilst being attached to the ride and crashing on the ground. 

Metro News has reported that through a miracle all the children on the ride managed to survive. Some of them suffered minor injuries, but all the children involved were rushed to the hospital for further investigations. The video also shows how some of the children were trapped under the ride. 

The local media mentioned that a cable that had broken mid-ride caused the malfunction which made the support of the spinning wheel snap, launching the children. Those who were at the scene tried to help flip the part of the ride that broke to free the children, but they were not able without the help of firefighters.

‘The ride flew through the air and landed upside down. I hit my head and I also have to bruise on my foot.’ (Statment from one of the children from the local media Milliyet)

The pendulum ride that snapped landed on the side with empty seats. It was a miracle as the weight of the ride would have killed the children if it would have landed on the other side. 

Firefighters rushed to the scene in order to cut the injured children out of their seats as the restraints were blocked from the impact. The children were checked by first-aiders from the theme park and once again by the ambulance crew as soon as they arrived on the scene. 

A full-blown investigation has been commenced by the local authorities in order to better understand what caused this mechanical failure and especially if the maintenance schedule for the ride had been respected. 

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