'Dead' Woman Knocks on Coffin During Her Own Funeral

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Once the police arrived on the scene they rushed Rosa to the HospitalThe Good Funeral Guide/Unsplash

After a terrible car crash in Lambayeque, Peru, Rosa Isabel Cespedes Callaca and her brother-in-law were pronounced dead. During her funeral, the family and everyone attending the funeral had quite the surprise when Rosa Isabel Cespedes Callaca knocked on her coffin to let everyone know that she is still alive. This occurred just minutes before her being buried. 

Rosa was placed into a coffin for her funeral last Tuesday after the accident had occurred. The doctors who analyzed her at the crash site had mistakenly pronounced Rosa dead. Three of her nephews were also involved in the accident and suffered serious injuries, but managed to recover. 

Once the coffin had reached the cemetery and her relatives lifted the coffin onto their shoulders to carry it to its resting place, they started to hear a bang coming from inside. When they opened the lid they found Rosa inside with her eyelids opened and looking very malnourished from being kept in a coffin for days. 

The cemetery caretaker named Juan Segundo Cajo rushed to call the police after seeing a person alive in the coffin. His first thought was that someone was trying to plot Rosa’s death as if she were to be buried alive, no one would know or suspect anything. 

“She opened her eyes and was sweating. I immediately went to my office and called the police.” (Quote by Juan Segundo Cajo)

Once the police arrived on the scene they rushed Rosa to Referential Hospital Ferrenafe in Lambayeque whilst still in the coffin so they would not risk any further injuries. The medical staff placed Rosa on life support after being couped up for days inside a coffin. 

Despite all the efforts of medics, Rosa had passed away hours after reaching the hospital. She was too weak to recover and she spent a lot of time with injuries from the car crash which had not been attended to as everyone thought she was dead. 

The family is looking for answers as to why their relative was pronounced dead and yet she was alive at the funeral. Rosa’s aunt mentioned in an interview that she filmed Rosa “pushing and touching the coffin.

“We want to know why my niece reacted when we were taking her to be buried. We have the videos in which she pushes and touches the coffin.” (Quote by Rosa’s Aunt)

Federal forces in Peru have started an investigation to get to the bottom of this bizarre case. Her father suspects that someone may have taken her off life support once she reached the hospital, whilst others think this blame should be pointed towards the medical staff who negligently pronounced her dead and sent her to the morgue without a proper analysis of her vital signs.

More and more similar cases where patients are wrongly or mistakenly pronounced dead are appearing around the world. Experts say this is caused by doctors not using medical monitoring equipment to confirm the physical exam of the patient before declaring the death of a patient. 

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