Man in India Received 12 COVID Vaccines

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Brahmdeo Mandal, 85, said he believed Covid vaccine doses healed many of his ailmentsThe New York Times

A man in India says he has received up to 12 coronavirus vaccine doses and believes the shots have helped with his backaches and other health issues according to The New York Times. Brahmdeo Mandal is an 85-year-old retired postman from the northern Indian state of Bihar who shares that since his first vaccine he felt much younger and more energized.

“I felt that it was helping my general health. My backache has improved, my general weakness improved, and my appetite improved.”

Whilst some people are still skeptical of the side effects behind the coronavirus vaccines, here we have Mandal who didn’t feel any sort of side effects after 12 doses. As most of the medical records within India are still kept on paper, it is difficult to keep a national record of who has received the vaccine and who hasn’t. 

Mr. Mandal received his first vaccine on February the 13th, 2021 at a local clinic. He received his 12 vaccines from 5 different clinics and in one instance he had even received two vaccines only 30 minutes apart. Although this may sound alarming, the CDC says that there aren’t any risks as long as the vaccines, as well as the dosage, are similar. 

Some 65% of India’s adult population is fully vaccinated and around 91% have got at least one dose. The percentage in Bihar, the region from where Mandal comes from is a lot lower, with 36% of the adult population is fully vaccinated and 49% having received at least one dose.

“After taking the jabs my body aches and pain disappeared. I used to have knee pain and walked with a stick. Now I don’t. I feel fine.”
The diary where Brahmdeo Mandal marked every vaccine shotThe New York Times

Mr. Mandal has kept the dates of all of his vaccines received thus far in a small diary. The way people have found out about it is from a local person who has tipped off the local news agency about Manda’s illegal vaccinations. There is no law in any given country to say that you can’t get vaccinated over three times. 

Experts are becoming worried about people like Mandal who are thinking that the vaccine is boosting their energy or healing other health problems as multiple vaccines could weaken the immune system to the point where they become obsolete. There are many other cases of people around the world trying to attempt to be vaccinated more times or as many times as humanly possible. 

There was even a case late last year where a man had received 10 vaccines in one day. Some people seem to truly believe that this is the “elixir of life.” What is very strange is that for nine of the 12 shots Mr. Mandal registered to receive, he said he used his national identity card and his mobile number. Many think that it is the poor job done by the volunteers at the vaccination clinic, but at the same time Mr. Mandal admitted that each time he registered, he lied saying he had never received a jab: 

“Every time I told them a lie — that I had not,”

A medical chief from the district had mentioned that power outages combined with internet problems make it difficult to keep the system updated. Mr. Mandal mentioned that he wishes to receive more vaccines and despite people knowing about his secret, he will look for new opportunities to get vaccinated. 

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