Farmers Use Virtual Reality To Increase Milk Production

Andrei Tapalaga
Farmer setting up the VR Headsets on Cow's headAnadolu

Technology is being implemented in all the industries and some farmers are really appreciating the possibilities that virtual reality is bringing towards increasing their farms' efficiency. A tweet of a farmer from Turkey has gone viral after he had posted a video showing one of his cows wearing virtual reality headsets.

Turkish news agency “Anadolu Ajansi” made a report that explains why the farmer is doing this. Most of his cows are kept inside the barn due to the lack of land the farmer has. On average, one of his cows gives 22 liters of milk per day, whilst a cow that has been outside virtuality gives 27 liters of milk per day. The VR headsets are used to make the cows think that they are outside which seems to stimulate the amount of milk they produce.

The farmer’s name is Izzet Kocak and he had been trying different things to enhance the milk production of his cows such as playing classical music in order to calm the cows. The VR goggles are portraying a green environment which seems to make the cows happier, therefore reducing their anxiety and allowing them to produce more milk.
Izzet setting up the VR headsetAnadolu

There have been quite a few scientific studies done that show that stress is the biggest factor that affects the production of milk within a cow. The less stressed the cow the more milk it is prone to give. Two years ago, a Russian farmer also gave VR headsets to his cows in order to reduce their anxiety so that they can produce more milk. Specialists from the Moscow Ministry of Agriculture and Food are currently analyzing the effect of the VR experience on cows in a long-term study in order to see if this technology truly increases the amount of milk given by a cow.

Izzet had already admitted that for him it has been a good investment as his cow started to give 5 more liters of milk since spending time in virtual reality. The only problem is that due to the size of the cow’s head he has to purchase two headsets per cow. The average cost for a VR headset is around $300 and with 180 cows that would mean an investment of $108,000.

The farmer had selected 10 cows for his experiment to see if all the cows are giving more milk if they spend time in virtual reality. He also contacted the company that produced the VR headset to tell them about the study in which their product is being used and if all goes well to prepare for a large order.

“We make our animals listen to relaxing music with virtual glasses, and also walk them around the vast pasture. We achieved this success even with one eye. We also contacted the company that produces the glasses in Russia. Hopefully, if we are successful in all 10 cows, we will order glasses from Russia for all of our herd.”

These cows are arguably the first animals to experience virtual reality. This should be an eye-opener to what awaits our society with this technological age and if cows are able to adapt then so should we. The evolution of technology is something that no one can stop and it is brought to us in order to make our lives much easier and save time as time is our most valuable resource.

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