Trains Loaded With Russian Tanks Heading Towards Ukraine

Andrei Tapalaga
Photos of Buk air defense missile system, the Msta-S self-propelled gun, and the T-80U tanks at Maslovka Station near Voronezh/RussiaConflict Intelligence Team

Ukraine has been very brave for the responses they have given Russia. The conflict between Russia and Ukraine has been going on for years now, but it seems that Russia is going to turn this political war into much more. On December the 8th a Twitter account known as the Conflict Intelligence Team had posted images taken of Russian tanks and other weaponry loaded on a train that was heading for the Ukrainian border. 

The same Twitter page has been keeping a record since the end of November of the Russian army heading towards the Ukrainian border with posts showing massive groups of infantry, tanks, and helicopters. The conflict between these two countries has never been so heated and despite Russia being the bully, this time Ukraine sort of asked for it.

On the 24th of November, a Ukrainian Journalist fired a live howitzer round that has been baned at Russian occupiers. The video showing the journalist do so proves that the Ukrainian military is not playing by the rules as the weaponry they are using has been prohibited by the United Nations. Even the journalist admitted to being involved in the killing of Russian occupiers in the zone of Donbas. 

East Europe ready for a “warm” winter 

The original photographer is unknown, but the post describes new Russian weaponry, and based on local sources, the Russian army would not move so many tanks for no reason. The last public statement given by Putin stated that the Ukrainian war zone is simply genocide where many innocent people are being killed, especially Russian citizens that aren’t involved in this conflict.
accumulation of Russian troops near the border and in CrimeaConflict Intelligence Team

It is believed that over 90,000 Russian troops are waiting for approval to cross the Ukrainian border with the intent of taking over the whole country. Russia has many interests in Ukraine such as the old Soviet military bases, nuclear bunkers, and the settlement of being closer to central Europe in order to enhance their trading power with the western world. 

The very interesting question that has been asked is if NATO will jump in to help Ukraine in case war does break out. Originally, NATO had warned Russia that there will be repercussions for attacking Ukraine, but they have never mentioned what those repercussions entail. Putin blames NATO for the escalation of this conflict by providing Ukraine with lethal military equipment since the annexation of Crimea

Many people have speculated that this year may end up with an all-out war between Ukraine and Russia. We do not know for certain if NATO will help defend Ukraine directly or if someone will actually help the Russian forces, not that they need much help to get the job done based on their numbers as well as new weapons. 

The Ukrainian Intelligence Services are having a discussion with western intelligence services about this impending war, but this post-Soviet country does not seem to back down from a losing battle. Putin will probably have the last say as usual because he does not look like the sort of President to take advice on military conflicts from someone else.

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