How Local Stores Can Revive Their Customers Post-Lockdown

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The covid-19 pandemic has upended the life of every individual all across the globe. Everything has impacted from how we socialize, how we work and also how we shop.

However, most of the regions are easing the lockdown step by step and letting businesses revive. At the same time, the present condition has impacted the buying behavior of consumers, which will impact their future shopping decisions as well to some extent.

Therefore, it has become high time for the high street store owners to develop data-driven strategies and market their businesses accordingly to increase footfall in their stores.

Impact of covid-19 lockdown on consumer behavior

Impact on consumer behavior has also ramped up along the covid-19 pandemic itself.

According to a survey by Numerator, at the beginning of pandemic and lockdown, only 1 of 3 consumers claimed that the pandemic had impacted their buying behavior. However, by April’s first week, about 9 out of 10 consumers shared their buying behavior and experiences were impacted by the pandemic.

1. Overall, the current pandemic and its associated lockdown and social distancing restrictions have brought a big change in the consumer’s behavior of shopping or buying. Customers are now learning to improvise as well as develop new buying habits.

2. For example, during the covid-19 lockdown, consumers were unable to go to the stores. So, the stores usually came home with their ordered stuff.

3. However, post-lockdown consumers will certainly try to go back to their previous shopping habits. But more likely, these habits will be influenced by the new procedures and regulations in terms of how the consumer will shop and purchase a service or product.

4. New consumer habits will also emerge from changing demographics, technological advances, and innovative ways in which potential consumers have learned to deal with blurring leisure and work.

5. Also, many of the consumers are dealing with some personal situations alongside changes in leisure time and income, influencing consumers’ behavior and attitudes.

6. Even more, consumers are also making their purchases with greater awareness of health, cost, and environment. They will favor their neighborhood stores and locally sources products more.

Overall, it seems like post-pandemic consumers are going to adopt more mindful and conscious buying habits. However, the retail industry might face a major disruption during this. So, retailers have to learn new data-driven insights to build new strategies for renewing their relationships with consumers.

Best ways to market your high street stores to attract more consumers post-lockdown

For this, responsibility to consumers and retailers will be taken on a new significance. It is because when it’s about to restart the economy, the near-ubiquitous consumer confidence’s lack is going to pose an enormous challenge.

So, retailers must know the new tactics to attract their customers to their high-street stores.

After the months of forced closure during the lockdown, retailers are preparing to reopen their high street stores. However, after the lockdown, the high street will look a bit different for the consumers. Shoppers will see the distance signage along with shop assistances wearing masks.

Still, attracting more customers to the high street will be tough in the beginning.

Do you want to know some of the most effective yet amazing ways to revive high street retail post-lockdown? Well, here I have some groundbreaking ideas for you to consider in this regard.

· Safety is key

First and foremost, consumers are more concerned about safety and budget at the present time. Therefore, high street retailers must work to create a safe and hygienic environment for both staff and consumers.

As consumers remain anxious and nervous about returning back to the high streets. It is because safety is going to be the basic concern behind this.

So, retailers who will try their hard to provide their customers a safe environment and try to address some of their concerns will definitely be able to attract more customers to their stores.

Retailers who will be able to maintain social distancing, wearing masks, and sanitization will have a competitive edge over competitors.

· Diversify your product line

The pandemic has also impacted the hierarchy of needs. Consumers are now giving more value to the services and products that provide entertainment, connection and protection.

Several retailers are now adding hygiene products, DIY products and medical supplies as well to meet the demands of consumers more effectively. So, you should also start re-routing and re-assessing your resource capabilities towards diversifying your product line.

Make sure to add products and services in your line which are more in demand to attract more footfall to your high street store in the best possible way.

· Reinvent high street as a place for people

Before lockdown, high streets were serving as a commercial and social hub where people used to meet, make use of local shops and run their errands. However, due to covid-19 lockdown, this function of high streets has diminished for a few months.

While after lockdown, high streets must not be without footfall and customers. So, retailers must consider it as their biggest priority to manage enough space for people to entice back to the high street. So, people must feel comfortable, safe and welcome while visiting your place post-lockdown.

· Offer discounts

Discounting is also an attractive way to bring more customers in-store. However, high street stores must maintain the fine line between maintaining social distance and attracting consumers after lockdown.

They must develop strategies how to manage the huge crowds after offering discounts and promotional offers.

Remember, it is possible that many retailers will bring aggressive discounting to create a demand. So, be wise.

Final Remarks:

The risk of covid-19 remains with us, and people might be reluctant to visit the high street after a strict lockdown. So, in this situation, retailers are definitely worried about how to attract shoppers to the store when the current lockdown is lifted. For this, considering the above-mentioned marketing strategies will definitely work in your favor. So, make sure to consider those.

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