When Will the Pandemic Finally Be Over?

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Only a few people would have predicted last year that the covid-19 pandemic will upend our lives. However, one exhausting year has made everyone worried about what the path ahead has to bring for us.

Undoubtedly, we all are having a glimmer of hope as experts are looking for the future as well as the end of the pandemic. As vaccines are in work and various new treatment options are also in the clinical trial. Even more, we all are learning about this novel virus with every passing day. Here we have some scenarios and predictions regarding how this pandemic will end in the coming time.

Let's have a look at the information we have compiled below to have a better idea about the things in this regard:

A prediction by local global health expert in the United States

The local-global health expert who will advise the President Biden Administration regarding the matter of covid-19 in the United States predicted in January that the death toll by mid-February would reach 500,000. However, in his prediction, he further said that the pandemic would over by the beginning of 2022.

Impact of key factors

Almost every country all around the globe has implemented some measures to prevent the spread of novel coronavirus as well as to flatten the curve. The basic purpose of this is to evade overwhelming the hospitals as much as possible.

Some of the most common initiatives are including stay-at-home orders, use of PPE, social distancing, washing hands more often, etc.

According to The Center for Communicable Disease Dynamics, these certain factors can also impact the spread of covid-19 over time.

Developing immunity

Studies have also suggested that when an individual overcomes the coronavirus, they develop an effective level of immunity against the virus. It means they get more willpower and immunity to fight against the coronavirus than others.

Over time, communities are developing such herd immunity gradually. With the development of herd immunity to 55%, the communities will stop its spread even without any measures like social distancing and others.

Vaccine availability

Well, the current fall in the covid-19 cases across various parts of the world over the past few weeks is signaling another dawn into the fight against this novel coronavirus. And it is mainly because of the vaccines which are getting effective and available by every passing day.

Vaccine scaling availability is also becoming an important reason behind the bending of the curves in various geographic locations. However, keep in mind the fact that the dawn is yet very fragile with a higher transmission rate.

Final Remarks:

Even though the hopes are high that the covid-19 will be under control by early 2022, it is because of the availability of the covid-19 vaccine, the development of herd immunity in the communities, and other measures imposed by the governments and authorities.

However, no matter how this pandemic is going to unfold in the future, it is important to establish higher safety protocols at present. This is necessary to ensure your safety in the best possible way.

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