How The Activated Charcoal Market Reached a Net Worth of 6 Billion Dollars in Just 2 Years

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The last 2 years have seen a lot of innovation in various markets as well as new niches that have been created to surpass the actual value of the whole market. 

It takes an innovative mind that envisions the problems that customers have but they don’t think about the problem as there isn’t a viable solution on the market or in this case a cheap solution. 

The niche at hand is something that most of you have seen floating around the internet, even starting quite a few social trends. This niche is activated charcoal or others refer to it as activated carbon. 

This product has not only been introduced in many different foods but also in many beauty and hygiene products. The most predominant product made with activated charcoal is the toothpaste that enhances the process of whitening teeth.

Capturing upcoming trends 

These products weren’t only created out of the blue as they seem attractive to customers because it is different, their creation and launch had been carefully planned by marketers that are trying to see a pattern created in the social behavior of customers.

This pattern showed that since 2018, the international consumer market started being more aware of their health as a healthy lifestyle is promoted more and more by vloggers online or internet superstars, the main influencers of consumerism within the modern era. 

These new health trends have also created certain “problems” that customers didn’t previously have, problems that need to be amended with new products. 

The main attraction brought by-products containing active charcoal are the numerous health benefits such as eliminating toxins from the body, offering better skin hydration, and many more. 

Another important factor that played towards the huge growth of this market was the pandemic itself. As most people were stuck indoors, they started neglecting their health, something that has been pointed out by many doctors worldwide in 2020.

This made people realize that something has to change, meaning a mass purchase of products with this miracle ingredient known as active charcoal. 

Another huge factor was a food trend that was started on social media at the start of 2019 with black food made with active charcoal. From ice creams to doughnuts and even past, the internet went crazy after it and they simply loved it. 

Will this niche keep expanding?

There are many questions around this niche, it is certain that it won’t disappear or stop growing, but marketers are imagining that other trends will take their place as modern customers or at least those classified in the segment of generation alpha get board quickly. 

Many products have already been created with the implementation of active charcoal, so the room for implementing active charcoal in existing products is closing. 

Another problem is the scientific researchers that have been done of the efficiency of active charcoal. Whilst it does have a lot of health benefits it also comes with some side effects that aren’t mentioned on most packages of products containing active charcoal. 

For example, active charcoal should absorb certain toxins within the body, but at the same time, it can also absorb the vitamins you gain from a healthy diet, sort of neglecting the overall health benefits. Once this has gone out viral on the media it will most likely stop this major growth of the market. 

A pattern can be seen in these new niches that are created which become more rapid growth with bigger profits, but at the same time die quicker as consumers get bored due to their more increasingly demanding needs and wants. 

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