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About 10 years ago, could you have imagined a mobile application has more than 700 million active users in a month? With the launch of Instagram and the consistently increasing number of social media addicts, marketers have started understanding the importance of promoting their business on Instagram. It has the potential to reach a wide audience and businesses these days are trying to make most of it by posting reels, stories and running polls and campaigns. Also, the success of the campaigns can be tracked using social media analytics tools.

This popular network gets bombarded with user-generated content from users all over the world. Users share their experiences through hashtags.

Instagram lovers use this application because of its filters, editing tools, efficient crop features, etc. Users can click and edit their images directly from the app and upload them without any additional effort.

Instagram opens a lot of doors of opportunity for marketers to promote their brands and enhance their online presence. Not just this, Instagram is a great tool to boost audience engagement. Marketers have found a way to use Instagram beyond the platform, they’ve started doing this by embedding Instagram feeds on their websites.

This blog speaks about the benefits and tools of embedding an Instagram feed on the website.

Pros of Displaying Instagram feed on the website

Here are the benefits of embedding an Instagram feed on a website.

1. Drives sales through social proof

When visitors see images of other people using your products or services, they may be more likely to make a purchase themselves. This is because social proof can help build trust and credibility for your business.

Social proof is just one factor that can influence a customer's decision to make a purchase. You should also focus on offering high-quality products and services, providing excellent customer service, and making it easy for customers to make a purchase on your website.

2. Improves users’ average session time on the website

Embedding the Instagram feed on the website improves dwell time by providing additional content to engage with. If the content in your Instagram feed is interesting and relevant to your audience, it can encourage them to spend more time on your website.

Keep in mind, however, that the impact of an Instagram feed on dwell time will depend on how well it is integrated into your website. If the feed is prominently displayed and easy for users to access, it is more likely to encourage them to stay on your website longer. On the other hand, if the feed is difficult to find or not prominently displayed, it may not have as much of an impact on dwell time.

3. Generates immense UGC

By encouraging your followers to share UGC and showing them that you appreciate their contributions, you can generate more content that showcases the real-life use and enjoyment of your products or services. This can help to build trust and credibility for your business, and may even inspire more sales.

Display authentic UGC on the website to showcase that you value your audience and that their opinion matters to you. When visitors see that you feature your clients when they leave a review, it sparks their interest and makes them want to get featured as well, leading up to more UGC for you.

4. Gets more reach on IG posts

By embedding an Instagram feed on your website, you can make it easier for people who visit your website to discover your Instagram account. This can help to increase the visibility of your Instagram content and encourage your follower growth on the platform.

More than that, when your visitors see a new and interesting feature on the website, they get engaged, and if they find something they like, or a sense of curiosity is created among them, they will surely hit the follow button. You just have to be active - Keep posting engaging content, reply to each and every comment, get back to customer queries the earliest possible and it’ll boost your visibility and enhance the reputation as well. Though it can be cumbersome sometimes to maintain the quality and consistency of the content on various social platforms and handling customer engagement as well. But, with the help of social media automation tools, you can manage all your social profiles from one single platform - easily schedule your content in advance and reply to the customers from a single platform.

Tools to embed Instagram feed on the website

Embedding an Instagram feed on the website sounds pretty time-consuming and difficult. However, it is made easy and code-free with certain third-party applications. We will discuss some of them in this part of the blog.

1. Instagram official embedding

This is an official feature provided directly by Instagram that allows you to embed posts and videos on the website using copy-pasting a simple shortcode in your website backend. This is an official in-built feature which is why it is highly trustworthy and simple to use.

However, you cannot embed multiple posts or your entire feed using this feature, you are required to manually add all the posts one by one. As much as you can trust this feature, you will have to manually copy and paste the shortcode of each and every post you wish to embed.

This feature is useful if you wish to display one image or a video on the website. But if you wish to embed your entire feed you need to have a third-party aggregator platform.

2. Taggbox:

Taggbox is a social media aggregator that allows you to display multiple social media feeds, including Instagram, on your website. You can customize the look and feel of your feed to match your website's design.

3. Onstipe

This tool helps you with displaying the Instagram feed on the website by fetching photos and videos through handles, hashtags, mentions, etc. You can dedicate a section to the website that will beautifully display the exceptional IG feed to make your website look more vibrant and interesting.

4. Snap widget

When you embed Instagram on the website you require tools that are equipped with multiple features that let you filter your photos by username, add a photo location map, create carousels of selected photos, provide a scrolling header, and much more. Snapwidget can help you accomplish all of that.

5. LightWidget:

LightWidget is a simple and easy-to-use tool that lets you embed your Instagram feed on your website. You can choose from a variety of customizable templates and display options to create the perfect widget for your site.

6. Juicer:

Juicer is a social media aggregator that allows you to display multiple social media feeds, including Instagram, on your website. You can easily customize the look and feel of your feed and choose from a variety of display options, including photos, videos, and hashtags.

7. Instagram Feed:

Instagram Feed is a plugin for WordPress that allows you to display your Instagram feed on your website. It comes with a variety of customization options and a simple setup process, making it an excellent choice for bloggers and small businesses.

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Wrapping up!

In this blog, we understood some of the best tools that you can use to embed your Instagram feed on the website. These tools are a vault of features that help you create exceptional widgets and make your website look more vibrant.

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