Top Trends in Home Design and Decor for 2023

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Every year, home design trends surprise us with a new twist or turn. In 2023, we can expect many amazing trends that will allow creatives to make their homes look absolutely up-to-date, elegant and comforting. If you’re planning a renovation after the New Year or just want to stay in the loop with all the innovations in home design and décor, here are a few most prominent trends to keep an eye on:

Rich hues

In 2023, expect some rich and deep hues to take the spotlight—think deep reds, browns and greens. Some people have been quite nervous about incorporating red into their home design, but many are becoming bold in their choices, and they work perfectly. Benjamin Moore even picked Raspberry Blush as their 2023 Color of the Year, so it’s all settled already.

Personality-focused interiors

For years, we’ve been trying to recreate those minimalist Pinterest interiors, but 2023 is here to break it up. Today, people crave warmth, character and depth in their homes, so expect to see a shift from neutral to personality-focused spaces. Imagine a space filled with personal collections, layered lighting, unique art, lived-in furniture—there’s something very attractive to it.

Dining rooms are back

In the last few years, we’ve been breaking walls and opening up our spaces, but now, we’re turning more toward privacy. COVID showed us the importance of having separate spaces for different activities, so naturally, dining rooms are back. And don’t think you need to carve out a space for a formal 12-people setup! A small intimate place where you can gather and enjoy food and conversation will be all the rage in 2023.

Safety at home

We’re collectively sick of feeling like we have to watch over our shoulders all the time. Craving safety and security at home is 100% understandable, and we have more and more design trends that focus on making homes as safe and cozy as possible. With many new smart tech for surveillance, almost invisible alarms and practically-placed life alerts will make any home safe without disturbing its aesthetic. For instance, a gorgeous black pool fence can give your water fixture a touch of elegance and uniqueness while boosting safety. There’s no way anyone will miss a black pool fence and accidentally fall into the pool—it’s kid-proof, pet-proof and elderly-proof.

Multi-purpose areas

Today, our spaces are forced to serve several functions at once, so learning how to develop flexible interiors with different purposes is crucial. For instance, our kitchens are not just kitchens—they are beloved spaces for hanging out, breakfast spots during busy mornings and homework stations on weekdays. As we can see more and more offices serving as co-op spaces, pop-up stores and art studios, we can do the same at our homes with our rooms.

Areas for staycations

Having a space that can serve as a retreat from the everyday hustle and bustle is crucial for your sanity. As we turn away from neutral and minimalistic, we can also start embracing relaxation, wanderlust and escape. If you have a few square meters to spare, create a small oasis for you and your family where you can retreat for a small staycation on the weekend and relive your adventures or just catch up on rest.

Holistic design

Today, interior design is very much interested in studying how our living environments make us feel and how we can change our interiors to boost happiness, health and well-being. What experts figured out is a very effective approach to holistic design with colors that can affect mood to lighting and its effect on productivity and sleep. Plants still play a crucial role in interior, especially in places like Australia, where greenery is not present in everyone’s lives. There are even new services opening up, like plant delivery in Sydney, that connect plants and flowers with their future owners. Plants are a great way to clean out the indoor air, introduce fresh oxygen in any room and add that touch of nature we all crave.

Eco-friendly additions

In 2023, more and more designers and consumers will focus on spaces that evoke harmony with the outside world of nature, flora and fauna. This demands taking a distance from synthetic materials and embracing layers and textures of organic materials. Eco-friendliness at home can include many things, from refined woven elements to earthy pottery, hearty wood and sturdy stone. Sustainability is at the heart of eco-friendliness, so keep it in mind during 2023 and beyond. Think renewable materials, repurposed elements and recycled purchases.

Practical fabrics

In 2023, designers and manufacturers will be busy creating beautiful yet practical spaces, especially for people with busy lifestyles who need to juggle kids, pets and chores. Today, everyone will want indestructible fabrics that can survive spills, crumbs, pet accidents, etc. Luckily, we can already enjoy stain-resistant, high-performance materials that resemble linen, velvet and other textural fabrics. With them, it’s possible to design homes that don’t have to choose between aesthetics and function.

As always, we have a lot to look forward to with 2023. If it’s to judge based on all the gorgeous home design trends, we can expect a fantastic year in front of us.

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