How to Create a Powerful Careers Page for Your Business

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Create the best career page that captivates applicants as they visit your website.

Career pages are landing pages that host job openings for companies. Career pages play a significant role on the company website. Asides from enabling companies to post their job openings, it also allows candidates to get an overview of the companies and their cultures.

86% of HR experts say hiring is similar to marketing. In a world where hiring is like marketing, company leaders need to tighten their hiring game in all areas.

Career pages greatly influence the recruiting process of businesses. It provides candidate insight into career opportunities and how they fit into job roles.

In this article, we'll explore the importance of creating a career page. Also, we'll share tips on how companies will create outstanding career pages for their businesses and connect with quality talent.

How to create the best career page

Job prospects visit career pages to learn about opportunities and companies' work environments.

The best career pages engage and attract top talents when they visit company websites. To create the best career page, you'll need to pay attention to specific details your website visitors look out for.

Most innovative brands include job openings, workspace, partners, stories, and values. They also contain CTAs and testimonials.

Here are the ways to create a career page

  • Create a unique design

Career pages affect how visitors and candidates view your company.

With many brands competing for the attention of quality talent, you'll need to pay attention to your career page design.

Imagine losing prospects as a result of unattractive designs. Best practices like putting just necessary information, clear visuals, and easy navigation help visitors enhance visitors' experience.

In creating career pages, simplicity is always preferred. Aim to include real photos and videos content of your staff and work environment. This will help your brand look natural and unique. Candidate application rate increases by 34% when a video is included in a job listing.

  • Optimize the page for search engines

Prospects will only apply for your job openings when they discover your website. Hence the need for SEO.

SEO enables people to find your page. Business leaders sometimes need experts to help optimize their pages, though. However, simple practices like basic keyword research will increase the company's reach.

  • Explore other content options

Spice up your page by exploring other options. Since most career pages appear similar, you will stand out by including different facets of your company.

Your careers page will gain some flavor when you feature your employees. Highlight particular employees using pictures, videos, and remarks on their work experience and why they love your company.

  • Adopt the employee perspective
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Including a candidate's perspective rather than just a recruiter in your career page design is crucial. Since you want to hire the best people, you need to consider how an employee might view the information on your page.

Consider the fact that before becoming workers, candidates were attracted to your company due to your employer brand. Find out from your staff members what motivated them to submit an application for and eventually accept a position at your business. Use their comments to boost the information you include on your careers page.

  • Improve your application process

The main objective of your career page should be to create an easy application procedure for prospective applicants. Yet, many businesses miss out on potential employees as there is no quick and straightforward application process for open positions on their employment pages.

Hence, be specific about your vacant positions and the procedures for applications. Plus, ensure the application is simple to avoid overstressing prospects. It's great to cut down on unnecessary application activities.

  • Keep the careers page fresh
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Revise company information when necessary. Study other career pages to gain ideas on how to improve your page and stay competitive with other brands.

Maintain a regular review schedule for your career page to prevent stale or obsolete content. You don't need to renovate your page completely, but you do need to perform regular updates.

Post new job openings and edit job posts that are no longer open for hire to save candidates the stress of applying.

What should you write on your careers page

Typically, career pages narrate the story of your brand. Here are a few details to add to your career page.

Brand story: Give a brief overview of your company's history, from its inception to the present. Most candidates are curious about the history of your business and how it will contribute to its expansion.

Company purpose: Your company's aim is summed up in your mission statement. Include a description of your vision, outlining your objectives and how you intend to achieve them. People want to work for organizations that inspire them.

Company values: Your values define your business. It enables your business to stand out in your industry. Company values determine your work ethic and work culture.

Employees: Employees make up the workforce and influence the success of your business. Let candidates connect with your page by featuring your employees and their work experiences.

Business activities: Providing details about your work activities will help candidates understand how your company operates. They'll appreciate your business system and identify how they will fit into the team.

Why is a career page important for a website

  • Stand out from competing companies

Aim to add uniqueness to your page. Unique features will help you engage prospects that visit your website.

Uncover specific search terms that aren't too rampant but still reach your target audience.

With a unique and excellent page structure, job candidates will not hesitate to apply for your job postings since they are already intrigued by your page setup. Thus, you don't only engage candidates but create a great reputation for your brand.

  • Engage website guests and tell your story

Career pages allow businesses to share content, history, and company operations. Most businesses use their career page to maintain regular visitors and job applicants. They share their brand's "about" and their current achievements.

People you want to attract will get a clearer picture of your people, places, and culture when you put them on display.

Create content for your careers website that draws deep research to demonstrate to the applicant what they will give and receive while working with you.

  • Sieve applicants
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With the right page strategy, you'll only get applications from applicants who check all your boxes, not hundreds of applications with low quality. Candidates will be aware of your culture, beliefs, standards, and some of the challenging realities of the position and what it takes to succeed in the company.

The distinction between appealing to any candidate and attracting the appropriate candidate is set off by emphasizing those complex realities which might make you uneasy.

Examples of great career pages

Nuuvem career page

The careers page for Nuuvem demonstrates their passion for gaming in spades. The careers site looks and feels techy due to the black background. It is a familiar location since it also has well-known video game characters.

Nuuvem did a great job in building a landing page that caters to the tastes of its target audience.

The colors, gaming characters, and playful icons with minimalist styling are a great way to draw in gamers and the younger demographic.

Slack career page

Most candidates are practically eager to want to work with Slack after visiting their career page. Their straightforward color scheme and brand style keep everything nice, simple, orderly, and incredibly friendly-professional. It stylishly provides candidates its benefits that keep them glued to their website.

The amount of assistance and the business advantages listed on the page are outstanding. The respect for work-life balance, outstanding support, dedication to your professional development, well-being, and flexibility are just a few examples of how they live by their values.


Their header image demonstrates their business.

The idea behind the European scale-up Swapfiets is straightforward: you can rent a bicycle for a set monthly charge. With many members and employees in 9 countries, the business has been gradually expanding.

Their commitment to encouraging sustainable, healthy living is reflected on their careers page. Candidates may quickly and easily sense the company's history and values with just a glance.

Career pages are crucial for brands

Career pages perform different roles, from engaging visitors to attracting top talent.

Businesses that understand the function of a career page aim to create and maintain great career pages. Asides from showcasing their job openings, it also allows them to tell their story and "sell" their brands. They get to share their company culture, showcase their work environment and improve their reputation.

The value you get from your page depends on how much time and effort you invest in it. Most brands embrace creativity and uniqueness. Hence, there isn't a fixed technique or outline for creating a career page.

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