The Most Important Home Improvement Projects That Add Value

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Home improvements are done for a number of different reasons. Some individuals want to invest in their forever homes, wanting to make the space safer and more enjoyable to live in for years to come. Other homeowners are looking at remodels as a long-term investment, as the right improvements can increase the value of a home and make it more attractive to prospective buyers. If you’d like to sell your home as well, here are some of the most important home improvement projects you should take on to add more value:

Redoing the kitchen

Kitchen upgrades always pay off, as most homebuyers are searching for modern yet functional kitchens. In fact, it’s thought that homeowners can get a significant percentage of their investment back on a kitchen remodel, but it has to be done according to the overall value and appeal of the home. If you can’t afford a complete remodel, even small changes can turn out to be profitable. Start by replacing faucets, cabinet hardware, and light fixtures with more modern and elegant alternatives to refresh your kitchen. Instead of replacing cabinets entirely, repainting or refinishing the surfaces can have a similar effect for a much lower price.

Upgrading appliances

If your appliances are outdated, inefficient, or even broken, replacing them with newer models can also be a good move. Homebuyers generally want to save both time and money when purchasing a home, and effective modern appliances can allow them to do just that. In case your appliances function perfectly, but the issue is in the aesthetics, there are affordable solutions to this problem as well. For example, you can contact the manufacturer and order new face panels and doors to improve the look of your existing appliances and increase their appeal without breaking the bank.

Enhancing bathrooms

A bathroom remodel can also be a profitable investment, but it’s difficult to do just right. Personal tastes often vary among homebuyers, not to mention that bathroom upgrades can turn out to be quite expensive as well. For that reason, smaller improvements might be the best course of action. This means installing new faucets and similar fixtures, re-grouting the shower or tub, and repainting the room in a light, neutral color. Even a new light fixture or a larger mirror can help to enhance the look of your bathroom.

Doing plumbing work

Leaking faucets, unpleasant smells, and other plumbing issues are never attractive to prospective buyers. In fact, they can only deter homebuyers from considering your property, as it reminds them of how much more work and money they have to invest. That is why plumbing work is one of the most important home improvements you can make. Start by contacting professionals to resolve any issues you might have with blocked drains, as this tends to be the most challenging problem. The right experts will then be able to solve issues such as leaks as well, thus improving your chances of a successful sale.

Improving curb appeal

First impressions are also important to homebuyers, which is why it’s recommended to improve the curb appeal of your home. This improvement can be quite simple and easy to reach the desired effect. For example, only mowing the lawn, shaping your shrubs, and power washing the exterior of your home can make it look more appealing. Installing new doors is another quick and inexpensive solution for enhancing the appearance of your home. No matter what you do, try not to go overboard, as this can only create the opposite effect.

Including a new deck

Decks can also provide a great return on investment while improving your curb appeal and adding more value to your home at the same time. One reason for this might be the fact that decks don’t cost much to build, but they instantly increase the living area. So, consider building an outdoor deck if you have the necessary resources. Wraparound decks are great for large spaces, attached decks can enhance a smaller home, while detached decks are ideal for spacious gardens. Consider a covered solution to make the area more functional.

Boosting energy efficiency

Modern homebuyers are quite mindful of energy efficiency, representing a factor most home inspectors will pay close attention to as well. Some buyers want to be environmentally friendly, while others simply look for low energy bills each month. Help them by boosting the energy efficiency of your home. Add extra insulation to the walls and ceilings, seal any cracks around windows and doors, and seal sockets and switches to prevent energy loss. If you want to make larger investments, replacing windows, HVAC systems, and appliances with Energy Star-rated alternatives can also be of great help.

If you’re looking to sell your home in the near future, remember that small improvements bring great results. The home’s value can easily be increased with the solutions mentioned above, thus leading to a more successful sale.

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