Online Tee Time Reservation System: What You Need to Know

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The way we reserve our tee time has really changed in the past decades. Before technology ever existed, it was a different story, but digitization has changed how we make reservations. The times when a pen and paper did the work aren’t effective anymore!

However, pens and papers weren’t fun, especially when you had to take so many phone calls from players looking to schedule, reschedule, or even cancel their tee times. Thus, the online world has made many revolutions in how we operate.

Golf courses nowadays offer more tee times than ever online. Nevertheless, times have changed, so there are new things we need to pay attention to. First, however, let’s dive deep to learn more about online tee time reservation systems.

What do you have to know about online tee time reservation systems?

They are easy to use

In the golf industry, it’s no surprise that younger people will be more tech-savvy. Even most newer golf managers will get angry about why their older customers are using a foreign system. However, you need to keep in mind that if your golfers aren’t happy to use a poorly designed system, you will undergo tons of issues.

Nevertheless, you should ensure that your online golf tee time booking system follows some excellent practices before transferring your much older clients to a newer interface. Above all, your app and site should promote a simple and easy booking method to avoid any issues that can happen whenever they start using the platform.

For those customers who still find difficulties making reservations and paying for them online, a staff member should always be ready to help older users who aren’t familiar with booking tee times through online software.

They are heading in a new direction

In order to understand which direction the market is heading, we need to identify what is currently happening. Modern-day online booking tools offer a high level of transparency that brings the ideal service level to customers. However, we can’t say that all booking tools are equally created. Still, some of the best ones are user-friendly and accurately show you which tee times are available and identify who else is playing during different times.

Some of the best Golf courses with a well-optimized site should show a “book tee time” CTA on every page of their website. Alternatively, some sites will allow you to do this without leaving the golf course’s site.

From an online perspective, online booking will solve you more problems than you think. It isn’t only about capturing customer data, but online booking tools integrated with a tee sheet software will automatically enter collected customer data in the CRM like emails, names, and phone numbers. Managing this type of data will make it easier to stay updated with your audience and provide a simpler and straightforward process.

The booking process is simplified

The reservation system allows customers to book tee times and easily manage them. People who reserve won’t need to worry about modifying or canceling their reservations. Tee times can be booked whenever people have a final decision about it. So even if they decide to book a tee time at 5 A.M or midnight, they can do so if there is an open spot.

Gone are those days when people had to go to the club and reserve from there or even send out emails to ask if there were free spots available. Nevertheless, having information continuously available also helps you save time since you don’t need to deal with numerous bookings and cancellations made throughout the day, week, or month.

Yea, we can agree that generations differ, so don’t expect all of them to be tech-savvy and know how they can book online. After all, the average age of a golfer is around 54, so you can’t expect the older generation to be more comfortable with traditional methods compared to today.

Booking systems can differ from each other

Online tee booking software isn't all the same. Some golf courses might have a smooth booking system, while others might have a software continuously losing its services and crashes at all times.

Stable and reliable booking systems should have updates whenever there is a bug or even new technology that the software can incorporate. However, not every company can achieve this because it’s only possible when using cloud-based tee sheet software.

So, what does it mean to have cloud-based software?

  • 24/7 support
  • Cheap alternatives
  • Golfers can whenever and wherever they want to
  • The software has automatic updates

You can reserve through third-parties

Tee times don’t only have to be reserved through a single channel but can be done through multiple ones. For example, golfers now book reservations through social media, text messages, third parties, and mobile apps. Thus, you can book through as many channels as possible when you have more options.

Nevertheless, third-party distributions can be a beneficial option if the return on investment (ROI) is worth it or not. Third-party sites can do much of the same as an online booking tool does on your site. However, keep in mind that golf courses will give away a portion of their tee revenue in order to market tee times on third-party sites. Third parties are an excellent way of granting golf courses more exposure, but of course, you need always to pay special attention if the exposure is worth the pay or not.

How do you know if it’s worth it or not? Well, if you can encourage customers to book through the course’s site instead of third parties, it’s definitely worth it. This is not a bad idea, but modern booking tools can do the trick too.


Good software is what helps you access real-time information. The minute you set the software up, you don’t need to use your coding skills to keep your software running.

Quality online booking tools can be easily integrated with your social media channel, site, online application, and other tools. As a result, you’ll continuously have reservations at all times and can reduce the chances of making mistakes or gathering inaccurate reservation data.

You reach a young audience

The younger generation grew up with mobile devices and is used to making purchases or reservations online. However, some golf courses struggle to reach a younger audience due to the poor experience they provide. Nevertheless, people nowadays don’t want to leave their houses to get something done but feel more comfortable doing it through their cell phone.

Booking your golf course from a mobile app will make things easier for everyone. In addition, eliminating friction during the customer journey will increase sales and reduce the abandonment rate.

Moreover, let’s not forget that the number of people playing Golf is decreasing yearly by an average of 4.5%. So, to ensure you are successful in this field, you must invest in the younger generation. This will help the sport and create long-term relationships between you and your clients.

Where are online tee time reservation systems heading?

Online tee time reservation systems have brought many modifications to the booking, automation, and social process. But, compared to traditional methods, it has come a long way in making things easier for users.

Online bookings, especially for the sport of Golf, lie in the hands of customizable apps. Some golf courses will take advantage of these trends, and others won’t. It isn’t a surprise that there are still golf courses that use pen and paper to write down reservations instead of using online software. However, let’s not forget that the average golf age is above 50 years old, but we still need to come together and start investing in the younger generation.

Wrapping everything up

That’s all for this article. This is everything you need to know about online tee time reservation systems. Through statistics, we saw that Golf is becoming more of a sport for people above 50, rather than younger people. Nevertheless, if we focus on investing in younger people, there still might be a chance of reducing the average age people play Golf.

However, let’s not forget that the online world has made it easier for most people to reserve anything they have to without the need to waste much time and freely check if there are available spots or not. Decades ago, it wasn’t the same story and required you to take a pen and paper to make a reservation, and let’s not forget the time you had to wait.

By reading this article, we got to understand one thing, and that is the fact that the online world has saved us lots of time that we once didn’t have.

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