Game-Changing Techniques to Improve Product Adoption

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Learning a new technology can be challenging and time-consuming for end-users. The process is even more complicated when they don’t see the value of switching to a new app, tool, or software. However, if employee buy-in is in your favor, would it be sufficient only to provide basic training? Would they be able to adopt the newly invented technology effectively? Let’s delve deeper to find out.

Have employees adopted the software yet?

Adopting software is different from just training employees on how to use it. As a business owner, you must be aware of your team’s ability to understand all features of the newly invested software. You need to identify the extent to which the software enables them to simplify and streamline business processes.

If you find it hard to gauge contextual metrics like these, your company’s productivity could be at stake. It would help if you implemented an efficient and tailor-made product adoption strategy to see the boost in productivity you were rooting for.

Studies have shown that newly launched products see failure rates between 40% and 90%. This mark has been constant over the years, so it is essential to focus on increasing user engagement. One of the sure-shot ways to achieve this is to invest in a Digital Adoptions Platform.

What is Product Adoption, and why is it Important?

Product adoption refers to when the end-user can efficiently complete tasks using the product in question.

Unless every employee is aware of all the core-to-cream functionalities of the software, productivity will always be at stake. Therefore, it is essential to provide a transparent platform that guides employees through the software user experience while at the same time maintaining process compliance and data validity.

Companies offering product adoption services ensure several benefits to your organization. For instance, they:

· Help you identify if the software meets all requirements of the end-users.

· Enable you to analyze flaws in the product, making room for future upgrades.

· Improve user engagement and product buy-in.

· Reduce the risk of breaches in business process compliance standards.

Result-Oriented Techniques to Improve Product Adoption

Product adoption strategies help boost employee retention, customer engagement, and revenue generation. Here are some of the important ones to consider implementing.

1. Create an In-Product Guide

On launching a new product, many end-users would be new to the interface. By Jakob’s law, they will tend to use and evaluate the tool based on previous use of similar software. Similarly, users may feel lost if they are introduced to new features of existing software unannounced.

You must create an in-product guide consisting of on-screen guidance and tool tips. This gives your users a sense of understanding of the product while also informing them of the ideal operation method. This will surely improve the chances and customer retention during the initial phases.

2. Push Product-Related Announcements via Relevant Channels

Email marketing is a highly effective strategy for promotion, customer engagement, and business growth. However, one has to go beyond traditional approaches. One such approach for product adoption is segmented email marketing, where you orchestrate emails according to the audience demands, market changes, and time.

For example, if you have an eCommerce website, you can create an email marketing workflow about offering discounts on Christmas or New Year. This will improve engagement and enable the users to work on your product repeatedly.

3. Answer 4 W’s via blogs

To improve product adoption, you can use blog marketing so that every post delineates answers to four main W’s- WHAT, WHY, WHO, and HOW. The first three answers will help your users understand your intent behind launching the software, the reasons for using it, and the eligibility.

However, the last question, “HOW,” will describe how to use your product and achieve satisfying self-explanatory answers for the previous three W’s. In this part, you can explain how your product stands out in the market from everyone else.

4. Add subtle CTAs without too much exaggeration

CTAs play an essential role in product adoption. However, it is vital. For example, if a user sees ads about your product multiple times while going through a blog post, he will give bad reviews or feel that you are trying too hard to convince him. Therefore, you need to compel your users to adopt the product subtly.

For example, promoting the product at the end of the content and describing its benefits will do wonders. There is no harm in adding CTAs, but you should incorporate them naturally in blogs, campaigns, and other promotional subjects.

5. Arranging webinars for training

If the product is complex and has unique features that most users are unfamiliar with, you can arrange webinars and train them. This will help you teach them about the software, its performance, and many other aspects. Besides, they can reach out to you directly with their problems for prompt issue resolutions.

To improve the success rate of your product and engage the users, you should make sure that the webinars are short, crisp, and to the point. They will join your workshops or training classes willingly to know more about your offering.


Implementing different strategies to enhance product adoption success rate is imperative once you release it to the end-users. During the initial or trial phases, any software remains vulnerable to competition risks and failures. Therefore, if the users cannot embrace everything your product intends to provide, they won’t find it necessary. This is why you can adopt several effective product adoptions techniques to ensure that all users will stick around and express an eagerness for your product.

Author: Revanth Periyasamy

Revanth is a B2B Marketer who has a definite flair for outreach and networking, alongside being a prolific writer. As an author, he enjoys exploring all things related to digital adoption and transformation. When the 'B2B Marketing ninja' mask is off, Revanth is an ardent tech geek, a lover of road trips, and a sports enthusiast who plays badminton, cricket, or any sport, really!

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