How to Create Brand Consistency in Your Videos

Andre Oentoro

Video marketing is now at the center of every marketing campaign running an online business.

People are inclined to consume video content more than ever, and when used well, videos can help capture and convert more leads into customers.

Research compiled by Oberlo shows that 86% of business marketing professionals use video content for their brand marketing.

In this blog content, you will learn how to grow your brand with video marketing and drive more sales for your business products or services.

Why You Need To Create Video Content

  • Increase conversion and sales

Videos help target customers understand more about a business product or service and how they can help solve their pains. When target customers engage and understand the value a business will deliver them, they can easily convert leads into customers and purchase their products or services.

  • Build more trust with target customers

Nobody will visit a business and directly purchase it. Instead, they first engage with the business and learn more about what they offer and what other customers say about it before making the purchase.

Using video content will help engage target customers and build trust with them as they get to learn more about a business and the value it offers.

For example, video testimonials help other target customers know what a business offers as they can see and hear other customers' proof that the company helped them solve their pains.

  • Increase user dwell time

Most people engage more with businesses that create video content. Since more people engage with video content, they stay at your business website or marketing channels like Youtube. As a result, they learn more about your business and the value it will offer them to solve challenges.

Interacting with business content helps target customers know more about the business and the products or services.

Those new leads can decide to try out the business to solve their pains and become brand ambassadors to attract more target customers.

  • Draw more traffic to your business website

Most people love video content, and using it can drive more traffic to your business. When target customers see that you offer quality video content around their pain points, they will like to listen to and watch more.

They will want to know more about your business and use it to solve their pains.

  • Easy to market your brand product or services

Videos make it easy to market your brand to target customers. You can easily reach more target customers with your video content and nurture them through the sales cycle. You draw them to become leads and eventually customers for your business.

Target customers can know more about your business and what you offer with the right video content. In addition, you can give them actionable ways and tips on how they can use your business to solve their pains.

How to Create Brand Consistency

1. Create Videos on Topics That Readers Love

Target customers are constantly searching for content and information to help solve their pains. You will attract them to the video content and make them engage more with the videos as they know more about your brand.

As you market your business and create video content, you can make more video content that targets customers who love to watch and engage.

Your video content should be on issues that clients want help with and what they are searching for to solve their pains.

You don’t want target customers just to watch videos, but take action that can lead them to convert into customers.

To ensure that your target customers engage with the video, you need to give them the content they love and want to watch. In addition, it will drive them to take more action as they watch the video content.

Do simple market research to understand what your customers love most. You can also take blog post topics that have engaged more target customers through shares, comments, and likes and repurpose them into video content.

Ensure your video content is simple and easy to capture and target leads to your business. Also, make sure the target customers can easily apply the information on the video content to help solve their pains with ease.

2. Optimize Videos for Mobile Use

Many people use mobile devices, and they need to access content through the devices. To ensure you reach more target customers on their mobile devices, it is essential to optimize your videos for mobile use. Statista research shows that mobile users will be more than 7.6 billion by 2027

It shows more people are turning to mobile devices to help them access information as they look for solutions to their pains.

If your customers can’t use the videos on their mobile devices, you lose a chance to engage them and drive them to your website, where they can learn about your business products or services.

Videos increase engagement rate, especially if target customers can access the videos on their mobile devices wherever they are.

When target customers can stay on your business website pages for long, they can know more about your business and learn the value they will get if they start using the products or services to solve their pains. That can lead to more conversions and increase sales for a business.

3. Have a Youtube Channel

To help market your videos to target readers. It’s also important to have other video marketing channels to help promote your videos to target customers.

You can start by having a Youtube channel where you can update your video content for target readers to engage with your brand.

For example, here is the Youtube channel for HubSpot company.

The company can create and promote different video content to help market services to target customers through the channel.

The video content can be different such as ones to help promote the services or educate target customers more about the benefits and how they can help solve customer pain points.

Irrespective of the video content you create, ensure that the videos are what your target audience loves to watch and engage with.

Giving them what they want draws them closer to your business and engages them with your company to learn more about you, what you offer and how it can help them with their challenges.

4. Have a Website Logo

Trust is essential for any business marketing its products or services to customers. Straightforward way companies use to build trust with target customers is having a website logo. Use it across your different social channels and your website.

It helps build trust with your target customers as they can see your business is trustworthy. Here is an example of Salesforce Logo, one of the biggest SaaS companies.


Using one logo across your different marketing channels is essential to market your business and engage more target customers to know your business products or services.

Target customers get to know your brand is established and trustworthy and would like to use it to solve their pains.

For example, the same logo that the Salesforce company uses for their website is the one they use on their Youtube channels and for all the other marketing channels.

5. Have The Best Video Creation Equipment

Ensure you create quality videos and pass your brand message to target customers in the best way. You need to have suitable types of equipment for your video creation.

You can have the right ideas or topics that your target customers love to hear and watch from you.

However, if you don’t have the right tools for the video creation, your video end product will not be quality, and you can end up scaring target readers away from your channels.

Ensure that you invest some excellent budget in getting the right tools that will help create attractive quality images.

Once target readers see the value you create, they will be more inclined to learn and engage with your video content as they understand how you can help them solve their pains with your business products or services.

To get the best quality video content, you will need to have the right quality tools to help create the content and attract target customers to your brand as you do your marketing campaigns.

6. Post-Video Consistently

Your target customers will like to engage with your brand from time to time as they get to know more about your business and how it can help solve their challenges.

It is essential to have a schedule for creating and posting video content to your target customers as a business.

You will give your target readers a routine when they can expect to engage with your video content on your marketing channels.

For instance, you can let your target readers know that they will receive video content from you once or twice per week.

This will help them prepare psychologically and be ready to engage with the video content as they know they will receive it.

It will also help build more trust with them as they can see you’re a trustworthy person and can also help them solve their pains with your business services.

Another best way to reach more target audiences is to optimize each video content for search engines.

As you create and publish video content, ensure you use keywords that target customers mostly use when searching for information about brands that will help solve their pains.

It will be easy for target readers to discover and engage with your video content if it’s well optimized with the keywords they mostly use.

7. Use Attractive CTA in Your Videos

To help target readers take action once they finish watching your video content, you must make sure that you include attractive CTA within your content.

Use powerful and attractive words in your CTA to capture the reader's attention. Use emotional words that will compel target viewers to take action and do something that will lead to them converting into customers after watching the content.

As you create and market your video content, you can run A/B tests for your CTA to see the best ones for converting leads into customers.

Most points to run tests for your CTA include:

  • Color of the CTA
  • The length of the videos
  • Visuals within the videos
  • Size of the CTA button

As you run your tests, ensure you avoid making these mistakes.

8. Track Your Video Results

To see the progress of your video marketing and consumption, you can track the most critical metrics. Some metrics to track are video views, shares, and comments.

This will help you know how your target customers engage with your video content and give you an idea of the right video content to create for your brand marketing.

For instance, video content with a high number of shares and views shows that most target readers love the content.

Creating more content will help increase engagement and get more target customers to watch and consume the content. They can also lead to more conversions that can drive sales for your business.

Tracking your video results also helps you know the right content to give target readers, and as you understand how they engage and consume different content types, you produce for marketing your brand.

9. Act on Customer Feedback

Your customers leave feedback that helps improve your video content. They also give feedback on the kind of content they want to engage more with and the ones they recommend you create. Then, ensure you act on it and implement it.

If target customers don’t leave comments on your videos, you can ask them to give their feedback on how or what they need to have on the video content.

It will give you a rough idea of what you can produce and engage them more with your business as you market it through your video content.

One way to do this is to send out a survey to collect feedback on how you can improve your video content for them.


Videos are a growing marketing trend for brands. To reach out to more target customers, engage them, and convert them into customers, brands must use video for their business marketing.

Building a great brand will require consistency in your video, creating and understanding your target customers' pain points, and giving them the right video content to help them solve those pains.

Use those ways in this blog post to create and market your brand through video marketing and engage more target customers about your business products or services.

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