A Guide to Harnessing The Power of Video to Boost Your Affiliate Marketing

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The popularity of video content has surged in recent years. On average 8 out of 10 18-49-year-olds watch YouTube and 3.25 billion hours of video content are watched on the same website per month.

Anybody can create video content. It’s fantastic for whatever industry you are in. They can be used to inform, entertain, or engage your customers and are often easier to understand and more interesting than just writing.

Another benefit of video content is that it can be made on any topic. New music, SaaS business, makeup, the opportunities are endless.

So how can you take a hold of this booming world? Where do you start?

This guide will help you to boost your affiliate marketing through harnessing the power of videos in an easy-to-understand way.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

In basic terms, it’s how businesses use individuals to promote and grow their potential customer base.

Affiliate marketing breaks off into two separate areas, affiliates, and brands.


These are the people who create the content and show it to their audiences. They will often have large or niche followings on social media sites and understand the world your product wants to exist in.

An example of this is a person who understands the changes businesses have had to make during the pandemic when it comes to remote workforce management and software to improve free video calls. Using this person to explain and market a company associated with these areas will be more beneficial than someone with little understanding.

The more traffic they can send to your site, the better, so choose someone who knows their stuff and cares about their socials.


These are the companies that will seek affiliates to promote their product to their audiences. They often review the link metrics to explore how beneficial the promotion has been and pay commission accordingly.

These are often used in the tech industry as there are so many products available, so let’s take a look at an example:

Imagine a tech company that has created an automated phone system for small business use, which they want to show to potential clients.

They decide to create an affiliate program to further their reach. To do this, they firstly find tech influencers and vloggers. Popular websites to find these people are Youtube, TikTok, and Instagram. They then request that these people become a brand affiliate.

The affiliates then use their platform to showcase the new product’s features and discuss the benefits of investing in it. The brand gives them a link to include in the video itself, or a description of where customers can purchase the product, or find out more about the service being advertised.

Affiliates receive a commission for showing the product and the brand receives completed purchases and experiences growth in clients. Both brands and affiliates are intended to gain from the agreement.

Find Affiliates

The first thing that you need to do is decide on who you would like to become an affiliate for your program. In terms of video content, there are a few socials on which you should focus. Let’s have a look at them and what they can do:


Users are used to watching longer videos, therefore, it can be used for the content which needs more time.

A lot of YouTube content creators have dedicated audiences. Though sometimes, those with fewer subscribers can be useful too. If your product appeals to a particular niche, using influencers from that world can be very beneficial and produce more completed sales.

Focusing on bigger audiences is not always helpful as they may not entirely understand or care to invest in your product.


The platform has a huge number of users. Like YouTube, most people follow accounts that they are interested in. Look for influencers who are focused on your niche to make the most of affiliate videos.

Insta also has a huge amount of influencers interested in becoming affiliates so it can be easy to find those willing to discuss and recommend your product on their platform.


The popularity of TikTok has increased greatly in recent years.

Many new users are interested in becoming popular on the platform. It’s also great for appealing to younger people.

Also, much like Insta, the site lends itself to quick, easy-to-watch videos so can be effective when it comes to giving quick information and fast sale conversions.

Other Options

There are other websites available to find affiliate links on such as Facebook Live or Twitch TV, however, to have the greatest impact, focus on the options above as a starting point. You’ll be able to find plenty of influencers with wide audiences.

Which One Suits Your Product?

After you have considered the options available for affiliates, it’s time to choose the one which suits your business best.

If you want to make fast, easily watched content go for socials like TikTok and Instagram. If you are interested in more in-depth affiliate videos then pick YouTube.

What do you want the content to look like?

Now it’s time to consider the format of the video you would like affiliates to create. Either focus and perfect one style of longer video or choose shorter and easier to create varied content.

Some options include:

  • Tutorial or how-to videos.
  • Unboxing videos.
  • Product reviews.
  • Active use (e.g. a pair of sunglasses being used throughout a day).
  • Question and answer sessions.
  • Interviews.

Most of these lend themselves to the longer video format. For example, a company who wants to explain developments in their cloud PBX system to improve uptake will need more time to share information. However, product reviews can be shortened and active use videos suit Instagram stories and TikTok videos.

Each one has a different function but it comes down to whether you would like to give useful information formally, or show how your product is used from day today.

What Do You Expect?

Next, you need to think about what you expect to be included in the content. It is recommended to ask affiliates to include links in the video itself, so the audience can easily continue to a purchasing page. Most socials now allow pop-up links to appear in videos. It’s a simple and effective tool and should be a minimum expectation.

Providing a clear and concise written description that links to your business's socials and website is very important. It should explain what you and your product do and who you are in a detailed but short manner.

Giving examples to affiliates on how you would like your product to be discussed is vital. It’s important to consider that the content may be viewed by thousands of people and it matters how your product comes across. Also, providing them with buzzwords to use in the video improves clarity and engagement.

This is where performing research and choosing carefully comes in. Pick individuals who suit your brand.

Inviting affiliates to join and either film at, or recommend, events to their audience can help improve brand visibility. It gives a deeper insight into your company and can improve conversions and extend customer life cycles.

Provide Beneficial Links

Make sure your promotion links matter to customers. Imagine a business that sells premium face cream. The product usually sells for $30 per unit. When they provide an affiliate link, it needs to be of interest to the customer to invest. For this company, offering discounts on their initial purchase or higher discounts for more bought products could be very effective.

Unfortunately, in terms of promotion and marketing, social media is very competitive. Ensure that you are offering the customers who watch your promotional videos, something that they are interested in.

Consider performing research into what your current customers are most interested in. It could help when it comes to deciding what the best approach is for your affiliate links.

Stay Up-to-Date

The world of video content changes rapidly. People move from current to unpopular very quickly. Therefore, it is very important to always keep up to date with up-and-coming influencers, and current affiliates who you may not like to represent your product anymore.

Being associated with somebody who has a tarnished reputation can harm how your company is received by potential customers and the online world. Performing research on your potential affiliates is necessary to avoid this issue.

You need to be prepared to switch and change approaches all the time. So make sure you are reviewing and assessing your affiliate videos to ensure they are of a high standard and achieving the goals you set.

Final Thought

Videos are a great way to advertise your brand. Social media are great tools for finding affiliates who already produce brilliant content and getting them involved in your business.

Due to the increasing popularity of video streaming websites and the explosion in uploading video content, it’s a surefire way to grow your company.

Using well-known influencers or those who are part of your business niche is a surefire way to grow and develop your company and its notoriety.

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