5 Great Ways To Use Video On Your Company's Website

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Video content is becoming increasingly popular, and your company can harness its power by publishing more videos on your website!

Video content has a lot of tangible benefits. For example, it can make your website more engaging, increase your visitors’ time on your website, and ultimately raise your conversion rate.

In this article, we’re going to outline five great ways you can use corporate video on your website. Let’s get started.

Create videos that show exactly how your products work

People will be more likely to make a purchase with you if they feel like they’re making an informed decision! Product demonstration videos are great for ensuring this. These should show exactly how your products work, who they’re for, and what people can expect from them. This can help people make more informed purchasing decisions, leading to happier customers.

Let’s take a look at a few examples of businesses that have great product demonstration videos on their websites for inspiration.

Aerial Wakeboarding

Aerial Wakeboarding, a retailer of ski towers and wakeboarding equipment, has a great product video on their wakeboard towers category page. The video shows how their products can be used together, what they look like, and more. These types of videos are great for category pages, as they give visitors more context about what your products are capable of, leading to more informed purchases and better reviews. Additionally, it’s a great video for showing website visitors how these products work and can get them excited about making a purchase!

On your website, demonstrate how your products work in a way that’s exciting and engaging like Aerial Wakeboarding has. This will give people a better understanding of what they would be buying from your company, making them more likely to purchase.


SodaStream, a retailer of sparkling water makers, also has a great video on their homepage. It shows a person using their SodaStream to make sparkling water at a holiday party. This video shows how their product works and where someone could use it. Because it explains when and where a customer could use the product, this video can lead to happier purchases and better reviews!

Use videos on your website to show your products in action and show off different ways they can be used. Giving prospective customers ideas of how they could use your products will get them excited about your business and make them more likely to want to buy from you.

Use video to make important information more engaging

Depending on what you sell, there might be important information, such as legal details, that you need to disclose to your clients or customers. This isn’t always going to be exciting to read, so you might want to make it more engaging with video content. By doing this, you can encourage people to stay on your website longer and absorb all of the information you need them to. Plus, they’ll begin to build a relationship with you and be more likely to spend money on your products or services.

For instance, you could create videos that explain your warranty policies, educate your viewers on a topic, outline how to maintain your products, or show how to put your products together. Chances are, these topics will likely be more engaging in video form!

Let’s take a look at an example of a business that uses video in this way for inspiration.

Excel Builders

Excel Builders, a custom home building company, has a great video on their homepage. The video outlines their warranty policy, which isn’t exactly a thrilling topic, but the video sums up the important information in a way that’s very engaging for website visitors. This is great for conveying important warranty information while keeping potential customers on the website!

Consider using video to make some of your less interesting policies more exciting. Your website visitors will appreciate it if you can help them understand important information easily. If they don’t have to get in touch with your team to answer questions about complex topics, they’ll be more likely to quickly make a purchase.

Use video testimonials to earn your audience’s trust

One great way to improve the conversion rate of your website is to ensure that it’s designed to earn people’s trust. Testimonials can really help with this — they show that you’ve done a great job pleasing your customers in the past and will continue to do so in the future!

Video testimonials are a particularly effective form of social proof. Being able to put a face to the words makes it more likely that a website visitor will believe the testimonial.

Place your video testimonials where they’re going to be most relevant. For instance, you might choose to place them on your homepage or on the same page as the products or services you’re selling.

Let’s take a look at an example of a business that uses this tactic well for inspiration.


LifeLock, an identity theft protection service provider, has a lot of great customer testimonials on their homepage. These testimonials are so strong because they focus on their customers’ emotions — at the beginning of each testimonial, the customer outlines how their fears were assuaged by LifeLock’s great services. These emotional videos are likely to instill a sense of security and relief in the viewer, making them more likely to want to make a purchase.

Tap into a viewer’s emotions with your video testimonials. Use your customer interviews to tell a story about how your products or services were able to improve their lives or solve a problem. This will inspire website visitors and make them more likely to purchase from you.

Make written content more exciting by adding videos

People like to consume content in different ways. So, when creating valuable resources for your website, consider presenting the information or advice in both written and video form. This can help you to reach more people and make your articles more engaging.

Consider using video to add something supplementary to your existing content, too. This will give people interested in learning more a place to go when they are finished reading. You can also repurpose your blog posts, guides, or essays to create videos and provide the same information to people that might not want to read.

adding videos

For instance, Venngage, an online infographic maker, has a helpful video that’s embedded in their guide to making timeline infographics. The video is essentially a visual version of the article. Venngage can reach more people by offering two different types of content in this way. Both groups of people will be more effectively communicated with and understand the content better. This will make more people trust Venngage’s authority, making them more likely to want to make a purchase!

Consider creating videos that provide more visual versions of your blog content. This is a great way to come up with new video ideas, and it can help you reach more people than you would with just one or the other.

Humanize your business with introduction videos

If you can humanize your business, people will feel more connected to it and be more likely to want to spend money with you. So, consider using video to introduce website visitors to your team and put a face to your business. This will help to show visitors that you don’t run a faceless company, but that you’re real people just like them. This will help to build trust, encouraging people to buy from you!

Let’s take a look at a few examples of businesses that humanize their businesses through video for inspiration.


SchoolLockers.com, a retailer of metal cabinets and lockers, has a video that humanizes their business well on their homepage. Though short, it’s very effective. It includes footage of their employees at work and shows interviews with team leaders — both of these elements can build trust.

This video does a great job of humanizing the business. By showing that SchoolLockers.com is run by ordinary people who are passionate about their jobs, this content will build trust with their prospective customers. This, in turn, will make website visitors more likely to make a purchase.

On your website, consider displaying a short video of some of your employees, as SchoolLockers.com has. Show off your employees getting work done, or interview them about their jobs and why they work for your company. This will do a lot to humanize your business and make people more likely to buy!

Caffee Accident & Injury Lawyers

Caffee Accident & Injury Lawyers, a personal injury attorney law firm in Seattle, also has a great video on their homepage that humanizes their business. The short video outlines some of the services Caffee Accident & Injury Lawyers offers and has a quick interview with partner Jeffrey Caffee, making their business seem much more approachable. This type of content can be particularly beneficial for those working in serious industries like law, finance, and medicine. For instance, asking for legal help can be intimidating, but this video works to make Caffee Accident & Injury Lawyers seem friendly and human.

Consider creating videos that humanize your business. Interviews with the owners and employees can do a lot to make you seem more relatable! If website visitors see that your company is friendly and helpful, they’ll want to spend money with you.


The right videos can help you engage your audience, improve your content, and make more sales. In this article, we outlined how you can use video to humanize your business, make your advice seem more exciting, and more.

Add video to your website — you’ll be glad you did!

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