'Sister Wives' Daughter Allegedly Overheard Meri Brown Having 'Intimate Affair'


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Fans of the show "Sister Wives" probably remember Meri Brown's catfishing scandal that took place in 2015. Meri admitted to her family that she had met a man online, who she claims was only a friend. It then turned out that person was actually a woman and then began harassing and blackmailing Meri by sharing photos, messages and other "evidence" that Meri was having an affair.

“When I started talking to this ‘guy,’ you know, we’re becoming friends, and we’re laughing, and he was saying all the right things to make me trust him and make me think that he was this real person that really cared,” Meri said of the catfish during season 9.

Now, as the family has begun to splinter apart, some of the older children are opening up about various moments in the show's history for the first time.

Mykelti Brown, the daughter of Christine and Kody Brown, was answering fan questions during a Crowdcast Live, via Patreon. During that session, Mykelti and her husband Tony spoke about the scandal revealing that Kody and Meri's only child overheard her having an "intimate affair" with the catfish before it was revealed to not be a man.

“When you cheat on someone, you’re giving up first,” Mykelti said. “If you’re going to cheat on your spouse, you’re giving up on the relationship first. It’s unfair for her to get mad at Dad when she gave up. She threw the towel in. She said, ‘I’m done.’ She cheated first.”

Fans of the show might also remember how Meri and her child were on the outs for a long time after the catfishing cam to light as her child was still mad at Meri for what transpired.

Now it seems we might know why that anger lasted so long.

“Mariah [now Leon] heard them on the phone having intimate conversations over the phone. And if you’re sexting or verbal sexting or whatever, that’s cheating. That’s still cheating,” Mykelti said.

Tony also piped in saying, “If it had not been a girl pretending to be a guy, who knows what could have happened."

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