Sister Wives: Kody and Robyn Brown are Not Vaccinated, Daughter Says

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The COVID-19 pandemic has seen families torn apart by political and medical differences and it appears as though the Brown family is no different. Three of Kody's four wives have left the family, since the pandemic began and many fans feel that the families feuding over protocols may have been a large part of the crumbling of several of the marriages.

Janelle and Christine both pointed out the hypocrisy of Kody not seeing his adult children and instead staying mainly with Robyn and their children.

Now, according to her recent 'Sister Wives' rewatch show on YouTube, vaccines may have also torn them apart.

"So, of my parents, I'm pretty sure all of them except for Robyn and my dad are vaccinated," Gwendlyn, Kody's adult daughter with Christine said on her video. "Those two don't believe in vaccines, which is really ironic considering everything that's been going on on the show." 

Many fans wondered why Kody spent so much time with Robyn, and Gwendlyn addressed it during a fan Q & A portion of her video.

"I have no idea, genuinely," she said. "I think that it would've been so simple to do that. We did do that a few times and it was super easy and very uncomplicated. I think that it's just because he prefers to spend time with Robyn's side of the family." 

Currently, Kody remains legally and spiritually married to Robyn and only Robyn. He and Meri announced they had ended their marriage in January 2023, Janelle left Kody in November 2022 and Christine in 2021.

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