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Delphi Murders: 4 Things You Need to Know

Liberty German and. Abby WilliamsFBI

On Valentine's Day 2017, Libby German (14) and Abby Williams' (13) bodies were found near the Monon High Bridge Trail, where they had gone missing. The murders were dubbed the Delphi Murders due to the bodies being found on the Delphi Historic Trails in Delphi, Indiana. The case went unsolved, without a single arrest until October 28, 2022, when a suspect, Richard Allen, was arrested and charged with the murder of the two young girls.

Here are four things you need to know about the murders and the suspect.

1. Libby German May Have Recorded the Voice and Captured a Photo of Her Killer Before Her Death
Screengrab of suspect from 2017WRTV

On Feb. 15, one day after the bodies were found, police released a photo and audio of a person of interest in the case. According to WRTV, "Both pieces of media were taken by Libby on her cellphone. Both are believed to be the chief suspect in the girls’ murders."

The photo shows a man in jeans and a dark jacket on the bridge and the audio is of a man saying, "down the hill." Those two pieces of evidence went viral and brought attention to the small town.

"Those people who before maybe wouldn't lock their doors are now locking their doors," Police Chief Steve Mullin told the outlet. "Those people who maybe were not before so concerned every second about where their children are at, now are. It's much different than it's ever been in our community than ever before."

2. Richard Allen Was Involved in a 'Domestic Incident' 2 Years Before the Murder
Richard Allen mugshotCarroll County

According to FOX 59, The Carroll County Sheriff’s Office responded to the home of Allen for a 2015 "domestic incident."

"The sheriff’s office was dispatched just after 3:30 in the morning on June 18, 2015," the outlet reported. "The sheriff said Allen was allegedly drunk and his wife took him to a Lafayette-area hospital for a medical evaluation."

He was not arrested or cited during the incident, the outlet said.

3. Details of the Murder of Libby German and Abby Williams Still Remain a Mystery

One of the biggest details of the murder, not yet released, are the details surrounding how the girls were killed.

At press time, the details of the manner of the girl's death were never made public, leading many to speculate on the reason why.

Retired Indianapolis Metro Police captain Robert Snow, who is not related to the investigation, spoke with 953 MNC about the reasoning behind revealing or not revealing details.

“The problem with not releasing any information at all is that you can’t get the public’s help,” said Snow. “The more information the public has, the better chance you’re gonna catch this person. The better the chance somebody’ll come up with a tip to tell you who this person is.”

But another professional explained why these details have not been shared ... yet.

"I know people are probably frustrated with the lack of information that's being put out," said Doug Kouns, a former FBI agent told WRTV. "It could potentially compromise the investigation."

4. The Murders Were Featured on TV and Even a Podcast Series

In Feb. 2020, HLN hosted an 11-episode podcast (10 prior to the arrest, 1 episode since) detailing the murder investigation in depth. The podcast, titled "Down the Hill: The Delphi Murders" features interviews with the families of the girls and the police.

The case was also featured on "In Pursuit with John Walsh", "Dr. Oz" and "Nancy Grace," and featured at places like CrimeCon in the hopes of catching the killer.

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