Wedding postponed one year because ring had wrong color: "Not taking a ruby"

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*This article is a work of nonfiction based on actual events recounted to me by a friend who witnessed them firsthand; used with permission

Asking someone to marry you is an emotional and often memorable event that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

But what do you do when the ring you chose just doesn't suit your future bride?

That's what happened to Matthew, my childhood friend. It had been a while since I visited my hometown, but the first time I stopped there a few months after starting classes, I went straight to him. I wanted to find out what he'd been doing and how his relationship was going.

He seemed fine in the beginning, talking mostly about his specialty popcorn shop and telling me about the flavors he meant to add in the following days. However, as soon as I asked about Amelia, his girlfriend, the mood became icy.

He barely said a word, and each sentence was becoming harder.

"Is anything wrong? You seemed so happy together on my last visit. You even said you were saving up for a ring, remember?" I told him.

"I was, and I did, but it just didn't happen the way I expected it," Matthew said.

After that, he told me what had taken place when he proposed. He thought out the words before, wrote them on a piece of paper, and asked his best friend to play his guitar while he asked Amelia to be his wife.

"I had half a restaurant booked, so there would just be us over there. I got on one knee and said the words, Keith was playing his guitar, and everything seemed wonderful. She smiled at me and looked at the ring box," he recalled.

And things went downhill from there.

"Her smile turned into a frown the second she spotted the ring. 'But it's a ruby,' she almost shouted. I was so confused; her mom, her friends, and her sister told me she particularly wanted a ruby engagement ring. 'What could I have done wrong?' I asked myself," Matthew told me.

He asked her if it was the way the stone was set or the shape of it.

"Amelia said none of that mattered. She just couldn't stand wearing a ruby to get engaged. And I was puzzled. She was not taking a ruby, and that was that. It was supposed to be her most treasured wish," he added.

As it turns out, Amelia had told everyone about wanting a ruby engagement ring, but in the last week before the proposal, she had spotted several celebrities wearing diamonds. So, she decided that diamonds were better without telling anyone.

"She told me it would have to be a diamond, so I sat there shocked. Was all the preparation for nothing?"

Unfortunately, it was. They had intended to get married two months after getting engaged. But getting Amelia a diamond ring meant Matthew had to save money for a few more months. They didn't end their relationship, and he did want to see her happy about the ring.

But it was definitely a strange moment for them, one he doesn't talk about much even today. In the end, he brought her the ring she wanted, and they got married three weeks after the proposal. Changing the type of ring meant postponing the wedding for a whole year, though.

Would you have agreed to do something like that? Do you think it's a reason to end a relationship?

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