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Grandfather dives into lake on his birthday: "God takes care of me"

Amy Christie

A great-great-grandfather who managed to dive into a lake unassisted to celebrate turning 106 has amazed people around the world with his confidence.

What are the details?

Franklin Estes has two grandchildren, five great-grandkids, and three great-great-grandkids. The man is currently living with Shaun Kelley, one of his grandkids, and his wife, Nancy, in Laconia, New Hampshire.

The grandfather turned 106 this year and celebrated the special occasion in Laconia.

"He celebrated his birthday in Laconia, close to us. We had a family party with cake, ice cream, and his favorite: Manhattans!" Saun shared with The Epoch Times.

On the weekend after his birthday party, Shaun took his grandfather on his boat, and they relaxed for the day with tasty snacks and lounging in the water.


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And that wasn't all. The grandfather felt he had one more thing to do to mark his birthday.

"He decided he wanted to dive off the boat right before we got back. He felt so fantastic. He loves the water and likes doing things that defy his age," Shaun said.

Even though Franklin refused to take precautions before jumping, Shaun instructed his son to stand by in the water in case any help should be needed.


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♬ original sound - SPKelley66

Shaun shared the footage for Frankling's 106th birthday dive on social media, where the reactions were "overwhelming."

The man also filmed a discussion he had with his grandfather, where the smiling 106-year-old reveals he owes his long and happy life to his loving, caring parents and to his faith. "God takes care of me," he added.

"He's been amazed by the positive comments and encouragement," Shaun said.

Franklin has been close to Shaun ever since he was little, and they spent many weeks and weekends together. When Shaun left to attend college, Franklin went to several college parties along with his roommates and other young students.

And since Shaun got married and has his own family, Frankling always joins them on vacations.

"Years ago, I promised never to let him go into a nursing home. Last year, it got to be a bit too much for him to live on his own. On his 105th birthday, he moved in with me, and he was driving up until then!" Shaun shared.

As he witnesses his grandfather's long life, Shaun believes his secrets are a healthy diet, moderate exercise, and faith in God.

"He is a man of strong faith; to this day, he gets on his knees and prays every night. Gramp had a tough life; he's a fighter, and he perseveres. He's taught me never to give up, work hard, and persevere through the hard times," Shaun concluded about the wonderful man who's always been by his side.


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