Dog checks on toddler every night: "Heartwarming to see"

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An Akita husky who lives in England has shown that loyalty and love can be mixed into a heartfelt nightly routine for his favorite toddler.

The dog comes to check on the toddler without fail, and they share an amazing bond that gets stronger each day.

What are the details?

Tia Laycok, who was born in Halifax, is a full-time mom of 2. The woman lives with her husband and her two kids, Jaxon and Bonnie, in Sowerby Bridge, Yorkshire.

The family also welcomed an Akita husky called Ludo into their home just eight days before Jaxon was born.

"Ludo has been with us since he was born, as his mom, Lyric, was also our family pet," Tia shared with The Epoch Times.

That's how Jaxon and Ludo got the chance to grow up together. They're very close to each other and have started taking naps together from the first time they met.

And ever since Jaxon started sleeping in bed, in his own room, Ludo began to check nightly on his toddler best friend.

The devoted dog joins Tia or Jordan, Jaxon's father, each time they put the little boy to sleep. After his owners retire for the night, Ludo takes another walk around the house to ensure everything is going well.

As soon as he's back, the protective dog heads upstairs to Jaxon's room to see if he's ok.

"If Jaxon's bedroom door is closed, he'll wait to be let in so he can see him. It is like he's just checking in and making sure he's fine. It's heartwarming to see him go into the room, up to the bed, and sniff at Jaxon each night," Tia said.

Tia also spotted the lovely bond between the dog and the little boy on the baby monitor footage, and she decided to download it and post it on social media. What she didn't expect was the millions of people who were touched by the wonderful moments they got to share with the family.

"So many people love that it's a nightly thing that Ludo does and are simply as amazed as we are at the bond the two of them share," the happy mom said.

Tia is excited to see Ludo and Jaxon keep on learning new things together, and she can't wait to see how their bond will be reshaped as time goes by.

She will also encourage the dog to get close to her daughter too as soon as she can have her room.

"I also can't wait to see if Ludo will treat Bonnie the same once she is old enough to have her room!" Tia added.


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