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Miners push a couple's electric car after it runs out of battery outside mine

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A couple who lives in Washington, DC, was left stranded after their electric car unexpectedly ran out of battery.

They were helped by coal miners who were working close by. The miners were happy to push the car to the mine, where it was recharged.

What are the details?

The incident was recounted on social media by West Virginia State Senator Randy Smith (R-Tucker), and the post got responses from thousands of people across the country.

The couple was driving from Washington to Davis, in West Virginia, when their car broke down close to the Mountain View Mine, according to The Epoch Times.

One of the foremen got a call about a stalled car, and he went over to check on the driver, who told him they were stuck while headed for a weekend getaway.

The foreman then went back inside the mine and asked the miners to help.

"This shows you coal miners are very good people; they go out of their way to help anyone," Smith wrote in his post.

Five miners came quickly to help the couple, and they soon realized the vehicle had no hook, so it couldn't be pulled. Instead, they started pushing the car all the way to the shack where it could be plugged in for a recharge.

The post gathered hundreds of comments, with plenty of people pitching in with thankful comments or sharing their views on electric cars.

"May God bless every coal miner everywhere; they are not only the salt of the earth, but they also give power to us all!" one user wrote after seeing the post and how dedicated the miners were to make sure the couple could continue their journey.

"Great job, guys, another person saved by hardworking coal miners. Worked for this company for over 30 years," was another take on it.

"I'm glad they ended up where they could get help because they couldn't get a tow truck; this is out in the middle of nowhere. One guy dropped off a Friend of Coal license plate when he left to go home," Smith concluded in his post about the unusual occurrence that showed the miners' solidarity and willingness to give a hand to anyone in trouble.






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