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Daughter meets parents 2 decades after adoption: "They chose my family"

Amy Christie

Hannah Jennings' parents were in high school when she was born. They kept the pregnancy a secret and did what they thought would be best for their baby. The teen parents placed their little girl with an adoptive family, hoping she would have a happy life.

Two decades after that moment, Hannah reunited with Megan and Brent for a heartfelt moment when she understood she would always have two sets of parents who love her dearly.

What are the details?

Hannah's adoption was "semi-open," so she always knew she didn't have just two parents.

She grew up with Leanne and Wayne, her adoptive parents, in Walla Walla, Washington. Leanne worked as a preschool teacher before retiring, and Wayne is a pharmacist. Katelyn, the couple's other daughter, is also adopted.

"As babies, my mom would tell us we had two mothers that loved us. She had several children's books she would read about adoption and welcomed the questions we had," Hannah shared with The Epoch Times.

Both sisters are now married, and they're moms, but Hannah and Katelyn are still very close. Hannah now lives with her husband and has "the calmest and most beautiful baby girl, Maren Olivia."

Katelyn, who works as a software engineer, has three kids.

"I've been married to my best friend, Nicholas, for about three years," Hannah said.

When the young woman met her birth parents, she instantly formed a positive bond with them and felt close to them. And starting her own family has also made setting boundaries more straightforward, according to her.

Hannah with Nicholas and her adoptive parentsPhoto byInstagram/ hannahnichole29

"Growing up knowing I was adopted was never a negative thing. My parents approached our adoptions as a part of our being, like our eye color or favorite foods. There was no shame in adoption; I remember feeling eager to share my story with anyone that would listen," Hannah added.

One of the reasons that prompted Leanne and Wayne to be open about the adoption was the way Leanne herself had found out she was adopted after her parents divorced.

Hannah and Katelyn with their adoptive parentsPhoto byInstagram/ hannahnichole29

"She hadn't known until she stumbled upon the information when she was a teenager. She was stunned and went through a process of finding out who she was all over again," Hannah explained.

That's why Leanne decided both Katelyn and Hannah should always know the truth. While Katelyn didn't feel the need to find out more about her family until after her last year of high school, Hannah got letters from her mom throughout her childhood and teenage years.

The family finally traveled to Megan's home so Hannah could meet her, her four kids, her husband, grandparents, and siblings.

Even though she'd been nervous on the way there, as soon as Megan opened the door and hugged her, Hannah instantly knew they loved each other.

"I felt so much peace as we stood there embraced in her doorway," she recalled.

Two weeks later, she also met her father and had the same peaceful feeling inside his hug.

Hannah and her birth momPhoto byInstagram/ hannahnichole29

"They didn't feel they could be the parents they wanted for me. They chose my family. They wanted everything they couldn't give me, and they found a family that could provide that.

I am close with both sets of parents. My birth parents are my best friends, and my birth father's wife is one of my friends. My birth father's house feels like home," Hannah said.

Hannah and her birth dadPhoto byInstagram/ hannahnichole29

And since both sets of parents have relocated to the same city, Hannah and her husband also plan to move to the same place next year to enjoy a happy extended family.

"I consult my parents and birth parents when it comes to big decisions, but the opinion I consider the most is my husband's. I have my life with him; any relationship outside the two of us and our baby is a cherry on top of the slice of cake we call our life," Hannah concluded.





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