Girl with uncombable hair embraces differences: "Blessed for a reason"

Amy Christie

Shilah Calvert, who lives in Melbourne, Australia, has always drawn attention due to her unusual hair.

People often stop and try to take photos of her hair because it just sticks out straight, but her bright personality has gone beyond hurtful comments or unwanted attention.

What are the details?

"We've been told her hair is like a 1-in-a-million chance. She's perfect the way she is; she is truly something special. Her personality is like no one else in our family; we truly believe she's been blessed for a reason," Celeste Calvert-Yin, Shilah's mom, shared with The Epoch Times.

The girl's parents thought her blonde hair would settle eventually, but months went by after she was born, and her hair stayed untamed. That's how her family understood the difference in her hair was permanent, even though they didn't know why it happened.

As a toddler, Shilah's blonde hair attracted many comments, some kind, others quite hard to deal with.

"The comments were hurtful at times. I know people say what they think without a filter, but to hear jokes about your child was rough," Celeste added.

Shilah's parents soon realized she would need to conquer all comments and learn to go on loving herself.

"It was pretty much when we decided that Shilah's biggest tool would need to be resilience; for us to teach her self-love. And so, the journey began," Celeste said.

Shilah struggles with constant hair breakage since she's always wanted to have long hair.

"All she ever wanted was long hair; these days, she's happy being creative with her hairstyles. Shilah has learned to ignore and not to respond, but it has been an up-and-down road. When she was younger, she was savvy and quick-witted. Still, as she's gotten older, she's become more self-conscious, but that's due to her experiences in school and the bullying that exists," the mother said, noting that Shilah was diagnosed with Uncombable Hair Syndrome (UHS).

As she grows up, the girl has constant support from her family and community. Her parents also started a social media account for her so she could connect to people around the world who wished to send her positive encouragement to help her stay strong.

"It's been amazing how many people have contacted Shilah to share their personal stories and photos. Her connections with others worldwide are truly amazing, and we are very grateful," Celeste said.

As far as self-love goes, the girl's mom feels the essential thing for unique kids like Shilah is teaching them kindness and resilience.

"Teach them to love themselves, to be resilient; most importantly, teach them to be kind. No matter what makes you different or stand out in a crowd, love it, embrace it, and rock it!" the happy mom concluded.


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