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Dog asks for belly rubs in NYC: "He loves treats and making people happy"

Amy Christie

A pomeranian who lives in New York loves getting attention and cuddles. The fluffy dog just throws himself on the ground and waits for people passing by to notice him and offer some belly rubs.

What are the details?

Leo is a fluffy Pomeranian who adores attention and belly rubs. Jessica Stemple, his owner, shared that her 28-pound "throwback Pomeranian" really knows how to bring people together, entertain them, and always make them smile.

"Leo is a Pomeranian and a giant one at that. He is lazy. He is stubborn, he's adorable, and he's sweet. He loves being the center of attention. He loves treats and making people happy with his playing antics," she said for The Epoch Times.

It all started when Jessica, who is a textile designer, was walking the dog home after visiting the pet store. Leo objected to going back inside because it was so nice outside, so he just made up his mind to lie down. And he wouldn't budge.

"At the pet store, he gets his two favorite things, attention and treats. He so desperately just didn't want to go back home. For some reason, he assumed that throwing himself on the ground would go his way because I couldn't move him. I was in shock that he could be so bold as to throw himself on the ground and then stay there like that. It was wild," the woman recalled.

And since Leo is so cute, his stubbornness meant people noticed what he did, laughed, and came over to give him some belly rubs.

"He was so surprised by that. With that combination, he started doing it all the time," Jessica added.

The two of them live in New York City and have been together for six years since Jessica was dating her ex-boyfriend, who used to be Leo's owner.

As time went by, they bonded so closely that there was no way to separate them.

"I'm Leo's owner now, and I couldn't be happier," Jessica said.

The awesome part about Leo doing his trick on the street, according to his owner, is the way people react.

"A lot of the time, they laugh. Some are concerned, and they ask if he needs attention. They're genuinely scared. Others do the right thing: rub and pat his belly. That's what he loves the most," she concluded about the dog who probably gets countless daily belly rubs from every passerby.


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