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Little girl waits for big sisters to get off school bus ever since she could walk

Amy Christie

Every day, no matter the weather, tiny Loxley Whitsett patiently waits for her sisters to get off the school bus. And as soon as she sees them, she runs to meet them in a hug with a big smile.

What are the details?

The heartwarming moments filmed by their mom show just how close the three sisters are. As soon as the mother posted the footage on social media, millions of people loved how the toddler hurried up down the driveway to meet her big sisters inside hugs.

"I was shocked to see how much people valued the videos. I knew they were sweet, but it's also everyday life for us," Robin Whitsett, the girls' mom, shared with The Epoch Times.

Robin, 38, works as a fitness instructor at her local YMCA. She married her high school love, and the family lives in Sellersburg, Indiana.

Lily and Lilah are the older siblings, and Loxley, the youngest, is in preschool.

When summer break ended, Loxley had a hard time getting used to her sisters not being home.

"Her personality is so loving; she's very interactive with her older siblings. To cope with missing them, we began to watch them get off the bus,' Robin said.

In the beginning, before Loxley could walk properly, the little girl would watch from a window, or her mom held her. As soon as she managed to walk, she ventured outside.

@robinwhitsett She waits for her sisters bus every day. My favorite part is how excited my older daughters are to see her too. Seeing their sister waiting makes their middle school days easier! #loxley #siblings #siblingcheck #fyp #siblinggoals #siblinglove #friendship #viral ♬ When She Loved Me - Lyn Lapid

"If it's raining or snowing, she's even more excited to be waiting outside since she can use an umbrella, wear rain boots, or play in the snow."

Lilah and Lily were both excited to see their little sister waiting for them to come back, and Robin started recording their heartwarming interactions because "it was so sweet."

"I think what makes the videos so adorable is their equal love for one another. As a mother, it makes me proud that they are so close to one another," Robin said.

@robinwhitsett Waiting for her big sister’s bus on her BIRTHDAY and every day to give her a hug! #lily #sisters #siblings #siblingcheck #sistergoals #fyp #sistersforever #sisterslove #loxley #love #cutekid ♬ original sound - favsoundds

The woman and her husband were a bit concerned about the age difference between the girls, but their bond was stronger than ever.

"Much to our surprise, they are very close, and they are always together when the girls aren't at cheer practice. Their favorite activity is having a 'dance party,' where my middle daughter makes a snack board for everyone, and they turn on a disco light and dance to music," Robin said.

@robinwhitsett Memories- Time is a thief - she has waited for her sisters every day as a way to cope with missing them. We wait every day! Rain, sun, or snow! Their best part of the day. #sad #AEHolidayCard #AmazonSavingSpree #siblings #siblingcheck #sistergoals #sisters #sistergoals #viral #trend #fyp ♬ original sound - aha

As soon as she was old enough, Lily took a babysitter's class so she would be able to look after Loxley.

"I thought her gesture showed how motherly she is for her younger sibling. I didn't realize that most siblings aren't as close as my three daughters are," the happy mom added.


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