Chicken finds cat on her eggs; now they co-parent the little ones

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A mother hen received some unexpected help from a cat when her eggs needed warmth. The chicken found the cat snuggled on her eggs, and the bond they've formed is continuing while parenting the little ones.

What are the details?

Olga Ivanhenko, 45, filmed her cat, Bonya, as she was sitting cozily on a few eggs. Not too far away, the mother hen was headed for the same place, according to Sunnyskyz.

Initially surprised at seeing the cat close to her eggs and helping to incubate them with her body heat, the chicken first flew off. Then she came back and got closer cautiously.

They looked at each other and exchanged a seemingly love message as the hen sat down peacefully and gently clucked while watching the black cat.

After a while, they exchanged places, and the cat came back several times to curl up close to the eggs.

"They have an undeniable bond, and they've grown so much closer as they look after the little ones together," the cat's owner shared.

The eggs have recently started hatching, and the cat and the hen are gradually learning to co-parent the little ones.

Olga has also posted several updates on social media about the little family that show the meaning of love beyond differences or looks.

"So beautiful, that's what family should be like, everyone included," a user wrote on seeing the video.

"That's awesome; love is everywhere," was another comment.

"How beautiful, animals teach us we can share everything, even if many of us have forgotten that," a different user concluded on the touching footage that shows the little family slowly getting closer every day.


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