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Farmer gets hurt while helping puppy; community harvests his crops

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A farmer who lives in Frost, Minnesota, got hurt after he swerved his car off the road to avoid a puppy. The dog was ok, but the farmer ended up unable to look after his crops.

That's when his community came together to help him, taking care of his harvest for him.

What are the details?

A German Shepherd puppy ran in the middle of the road; then he got confused when he saw a car approaching. As he was driving down the road, Scott Legried, 50, did his best to avoid the puppy.

And that's how he ended up with his car in a nearby cornfield, according to Sunnyskyz.

"When I came to, I just couldn't move. I couldn't even reach to get my cell phone from the dash of my truck. I remember I said, 'Lord, I'm going to need some help in the next five or 10 minutes,'" the man shared about what took place.

Another driver going through the area spotted Legried and got help for him. The man received care, but he was told his recovery would take a while.

He would also be unable to drive his tractor for several months. That made the farmer get worried about his harvest of soybeans and corn.

However, as soon as the rest of the community heard what happened to him, they set up a plan to make sure Legried's harvest wouldn't be wasted.

Over a dozen farmers came over from Frost and nearby cities. They gathered at Legried's farm and brought their grain wagons, trucks, and combines.

Other community members were in charge of group lunches. Neighbors also helped mow Legried's lawn and brought food for his dogs while he was away from home recovering.

"It was such a busy time of year for farmers, so it meant the world to me. But I guess I really wasn't surprised. I'm lucky to live in a community where people have always looked out for each other," the farmer said, moved by the love and support shown to him locally.

Frost is home to about 198 residents, and its close-knit community always looks out for each other.


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