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Iridescent rainbow captured after storm: "Sky that touched my heart"

Amy Christie

A woman who lives in Florida recently witnessed a different kind of rainbow. It was right after a thunderstorm, and her view showed her one of the rare "rainbows on fire."

What are the details?

While the unusual sight certainly made her pause, the iridescent effect was unique, so she decided to post the photo on social media and share the special view with everyone.

Angela Capece, who has her home in Coconut Creek, Florida, took in the colorful scene and immediately took out her phone before it dissolved into new sunshine.

"This effect is also called iridescent clouds and comes about right after thunderstorms. The water droplets form at the top of cumulus clouds as they cool; those drops then become prisms for the fire-shaped rainbow that forms in the clouds," according to Sunnyskyz.

Witnessing such a view doesn't often happen because even when all other conditions allign, the sun still has to be precisely 58 degrees above the horizon in order to touch the prisms at the right angle.

The one-of-a-kind rainbow that Angela spotted from the corner of her eye made her go outside instantly and enjoy the awesome view. It wasn't just the usual colors, and they mingled and made it a view to remember.

"I was truly touched. I like seeing a rainbow as a rule, but I don't go out of my way to spot one. In this case, as soon as I noticed it, I realized it was different. It looked like a rainbow on fire to me. This was definitely a unique sky that touched my heart. I will keep it like a special rainbow memory, never to be forgotten," Angela concluded about the wonderful view that will stay in her memories for a long time.


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