Couple gets married 4 months after first date, stays together 62 years: "Faith in each other"

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A couple from Florida in their eighties who met on a blind date has been together for over six decades. They got engaged two weeks after that date, and the wedding was four months later. Their love story started in their early 20s and has brought them through hard and happy times, always by each other's side no matter what happens.

What are the details?

Samantha Hamilton, 26, is the granddaughter of Barry, 84, and Phyllis, 82, and she revealed heartwarming details about the first time they met.

As soon as Phyllis's sister, June, got to meet Barry through her husband, Eli Glazer, there was no doubt in her mind that Phyllis and Barry would be a great match.

When Phyllis came home from college in the summer of 1961, she was persuaded to go to a party.

"She didn't want to be fixed up with anyone. She wasn't too fond of the idea and already had plans to have her mom pick her up to go back to college, but agreed to just one quick dinner," Samantha shared with The Epoch Times.

However, it all changed when Barry and Phyllis met. After having dinner, they went for coffee with an elderly couple who told them, "You're going to get married."

They looked at each other and agreed that "it was love at first sight.' Phyllis called her mother that night to cancel her picking her up.

They went together everywhere during the next two weeks, and then Barry proposed to Phyllis in her hometown of Marion, Illinois. As it turned out, each of their families had similar love stories in their midst, with both sets of parents eloping just days after meeting and each staying married for more than half a century.

"They would've eloped as both of their parents had, but they wanted a big wedding. My grandma's mom said, 'give me four months to plan,' and four months later, they were married," Samantha said.

Phyllis and Barry tied the knot in October 1961 and welcomed their first daughter in 1963 and their second one in 1965.

Phyllis was a stay-at-home mom, and Barry served in the army and then opened his store, Barry's Jewelers, which he managed for 21 years. After that, he started selling cars for Cadillac, no less than 1,671 vehicles.

When Barry had to give up his business because of a two-year blizzard, the family relocated to Florida.

"They had faith in each other and wanted to start a new life. They always believed in each other and knew they would figure it out," Samantha shared.

Phyllis and Barry moved to Clearwater, Florida, in 1978. During the 62 years that they've been married, they traveled to Israel, Spain, Italy, Poland, China, Hungary, France, and Germany.

They always made sure to fit dates in their schedules; they went to the movies and had dinner together each Saturday night.

"I always knew not to make plans with them that night," Samantha added.

The granddaughter witnessed their love for each other and the care and compassion they've shown throughout the years. To this day, her grandfather opens car doors for his wife.

Samantha had a clear answer when asked what the secret to such a long, happy marriage is.

"Conversation; talking things out. Laughing together and at each other. Not getting too upset about anything. 'Don't sweat the small stuff.'"

Samantha is also convinced that her grandparents never had serious arguments because they have a lot in common.

"Everyone has arguments; we never went to bed without talking about what needed to be discussed," Phyllis said.

Even though the couple loves to be together, they also feel it is essential for each of them to go out with friends.

"He has his time with the guys golfing, and she has her time playing cards with the girls."

Divorce has never been a way out for them, and they've always managed to find solutions together.

"They never wanted anything but each other, so no matter what, they were willing to work together on anything. They made a lifelong commitment, and they never even thought about any other options. They didn't settle together; they chose each other," Samantha concluded about the wonderful love story that brought together a whole family and kept reminding everyone what it means to care for each other unconditionally.


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