Woman welcomes 10 kids after miscarriages: "My highest meaning is being a mom"

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A woman once believed she wouldn't get the chance to raise a big family as she'd always dreamed. Even though her dream of motherhood came with many trials, and there were times when she felt lost, she has since been blessed with ten kids.

Her love-filled home and the busy schedule she has every day were worth the wait, and the stay-at-home mom is thankful to look after her large family, with six girls and four boys.

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Satu Nordling Gonzalez lives in Sweden with her husband Andres, who is employed in the construction industry.

The couple's journey to becoming parents was difficult, and there was a time when they thought it wouldn't happen at all.

"Unfortunately, when we decided we wanted to grow a family, we had a hard time getting pregnant. I got pregnant but miscarried. After that, I had some complications; it seemed like I wasn't going to get pregnant at all," Satu shared with The Epoch Times.

Satu went to several appointments, but all efforts seemed to be "hopeless."

At the same time, she was surrounded by friends and family who had kids, but she felt "stuck" with no solution. For Satu, becoming a mom had always been a life purpose, and she didn't know how to go on without that dream.

"My highest meaning is being a mom to many kids," she said.

After trying for more than two years, Satu found out she was pregnant. She was happy despite constant nausea and never complained.

"I knew what I would receive in the end. Then she came, my first baby, and made my dreams come true and all the wait worthwhile," Satu recalls.

In the 14 years that followed, Satu has spent her life being pregnant or nursing, recovering quickly from each pregnancy, and always staying active and connecting with each of her kids.

However, as the love kept on growing with each new baby, so did parent responsibilities.

Satu's days begin at 6:30 a.m., when she starts to change diapers, then cooks breakfast and helps the eldest kids get ready for school. After that, she takes care of several loads of laundry and does household chores while looking after her younger kids.

Then come after-school snacks, supervised playtime, making dinner, and finally going to bed at the end of the day.

Stau loves staying at home with her kids and making sure they all have everything they need. However, she's also teaching them practical things. They help her with chores, and she's come up with many ways they can help around the house, so they know what it means to be responsible from a young age.

"I need to have things organized around me, and the kids have chores by age, so we all help out. Someone takes the trash out, somebody empties the dishwasher after we have dinner, someone else vacuums, and so on," Satu explained.

Satu and Andres's parenting strategy is based on respect and helping each other. They often have family meetings where they share emotions and thoughts, reminding everyone that "nothing is impossible."

"I follow my heart, and try to raise them to be kindhearted, loving, nice people who care for one another and the people around them," Satu said.

The proud mom feels thankful to see her dream come true, and she thinks the best part of parenting ten kids is "just everything."

"I feel blessed to have these amazing kids in my life, to see them learn new skills, sit in the front row while their lives unfold; their unconditional love is worth everything. Motherhood is the biggest, hardest, and most important thing that's ever happened to me," she added.

Satu shares photos and videos of her family's adventures on social media, and many people stop by for smiles and positive comments. The couple knows that not everyone feels the same about having a big family, and they have received different reactions too.

"When you go past four kids to five kids, people start raising their eyebrows. I believe our kids were heartily glad and welcoming to each of their siblings. Our bond is strong; it has been since day one," Satu said.

And their dream is by no means complete. Satu revealed she's pregnant again, so baby number 11 will add to the household joy in November.







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