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Son encourages mom during birth: "Take deep breaths, Mama"

Amy Christie

While waiting to welcome her second son, a mom who lives in Utah made sure all her family was ready, including her toddler son. However, when the time came, and labor became intense, her son's words calmed her and helped her pull through.

Her toddler said precisely what she needed to hear, and the whole family bonded in a unique experience they will value for years to come.

What are the details?

Delaina Leigh Compton, 27, had a difficult birth with her first son, and she welcomed Leo while her marriage was falling apart. She knows she wasn't the strongest emotionally and physically at the time, but she valued the blessing she received, even if it came right before a divorce.

In time Delaina, who is a professional dancer, managed to find love again. She married David, 30, and then found out she was expecting her second child.

"We had planned to have another child; we were excited about it, but it came a lot sooner than planned. I was still healing from my past relationship," Delaina shared with The Epoch Times.

It took a while for her to let go of stress and pressure, but in the third trimester of her pregnancy, Delaina became positive and felt a lot better about becoming a mom soon.

She chose a birthing center, having her husband's full support. She also researched and educated herself on what it meant to have a baby in a birthing center and made a plan that reassured her and helped her feel in control of what was about to take place.

Delaina also prepared Leo, her son, for the experience that he would be a part of.

"I'd watch a birth video and make sure that it was appropriate for him, then I would show and tell him, 'This is when Mama's going to be in labor, this is when the baby comes.' He thought it was the coolest thing; he loved it," Delaina said.

She also taught Leo that there might be times when she would have to use "lion strength to roar the baby out" and that it could get loud.

Everything was on schedule as she went into labor until she felt a "shift." This made her nervous because of her previous experience of giving birth.

Feeling that his mom was scared and in pain, Leo stepped in and encouraged her.

"Take deep breaths, Mama. Remember, this pain is good!" the little boy said.

And that was what Delaine needed to gather courage and pull through.

"Hearing him say that was just exactly what I needed. I had no idea he'd grasped these different things I taught him so well. I feel, because of everything he has gone through at such a young age, it's made him a very tender, smart young boy," the mom said.

Witnessing her son being so kind and sweet helped Delaina find the strength she needed to welcome her second baby.

After an hour, Luca was born, and the family of four huddled together to bond with the baby. Leo was delighted to see his baby brother, and he couldn't wait to hold him.

"During the labor, he kept saying, 'I'm so excited to meet the baby!' Once the baby came, he was in love. There was light in his eyes; it was so tangible. The birth didn't even faze him one bit," Delaina added.

David and Delaina had tears in their eyes after the delivery, and seeing their little family together made them realize how blessed they were.

"My husband cried because he was there with me through the entire labor and birth and saw how hard it was. He was also fearful at times, and I never knew because he never voiced or showed that," Delaina recalls.

They were all relieved once Luca was there with them, and he made a difference in the family from the first few seconds he arrived.

"There was something sweet, so very special about him," the mom said about her newborn.

Delaina and David met on a dating app in 2014 in Salt Lake City, Utah, while she was ending her relationship. David became her friend, but they didn't start dating at that time because the timing didn't feel right.

They each married different people and then got divorced and started spending time together again. That's how they realized their dreams were similar and wanted the same things in life, so they started dating.

The change was easy for Leo because he already knew David as his mom's friend, and they got along very well.

"Coming into this marriage was so different. We're equal partners, we do whatever we can to help each other, which is incredible, and how I think it should be," Delaina said.

The family of four is now "getting into the groove" as David works from home to support his wife, and Delaina is a full-time mom of two. Leo and Luca's bond keeps growing every day as the family spends time outdoors, hiking, or exploring parks. Leo has made up his mind to be the best big brother and always help Lca and teach him things.

"From the very beginning, he was like, 'I'm going to be the best big brother and teach him all of these things! Even though Luca can't play a lot right now, Leo is still finding ways to meet him where he's at and have fun. He's constantly trying to love him, give hugs and kisses," Delaina said.

As her kids grow, Delaina is focused on raising them with optimism and making sure they know how much their parents love them.

"It's so cool watching them become who I feel they're meant to be and who God has created them to be. I have many different hats in life, but at the end of the day, my role as a mother is the most important role I will ever have."

The happy mom teaches her sons to learn and grow from each mistake and always to be honest because communication is what keeps love at its best.

"It's about helping each other become the best version of ourselves and reaching our goals and chasing after our dreams. It's crucial for my kids to know it's okay to express their emotions and thoughts, and for us as parents to help them," she concluded.


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