Vincent, the cat, makes people think of panthers: "The brave ones ask to stroke him"

Amy Christie

When a couple goes out walking with their cat, they always get interesting reactions. Since their kitty is often called a "panther" because of his silky black fur and striking eyes, no one can pass by the cat and not stop for a while to admire him.

What are the details?

The big cat with luscious fur and amazing eyes has become quite a sensation on each walk and also online.

Anastasia Semerikova and Andrey Kolbasin, his owners, simply fell in love with the cat the first time they saw him as a kitten. Vincent has grown quite a bit since then, and he now weighs 24 pounds and isn't done growing.

"People are always impressed and sometimes slightly apprehensive. When we walk holding him in our arms, he always catches the eye, and the brave ones ask to stroke him," Andrey shared with The Epoch Times.

The couple also shares Vincent's adventures on social media, posting photos and videos that gathered him almost 500,000 followers.

"When we decided to get a cat, we immediately started looking for sales on the internet and at exhibitions. Vincent was one of the first cats to appeal to us, but he was very little, and getting a kitten online is a risk," Andrey said.

Despite their extensive search, they still decided to get Vicent because they loved him from the first time they spotted him.

"We searched for some more but still decided to take the risk of buying this kitten because our hearts were drawn to him," Andrey added.

From the first time Vincent came to their home, Andrey and Anastasia looked after their fluffy cat and never once left him behind. The furry cat follows them everywhere, and he's even learned to sit at Anastasia's vanity table and observe her applying makeup.

After a few attempts, Vincent got curious and can now 'help with his paw" as she applies face powder, foundation, or eyeshadow.

The cat also takes part in the couple's exercise routine.

"Most of the time, he sits or lies and watches us from somewhere nearby," Andrey shared.

Just like many other domestic cats, Vincent has funny reactions. For example, he meows loudly whenever Anastasia and Andrey sneeze, and he's also sensitive to any of the people in the house feeling ill. And he sets the right time for cuddles and hugs.

"He's hard to touch during the day but very affectionate in the morning when he comes to wake us up," Andrey said.

In the summer, Vincent goes on picnics and walks in the park with his owners. He often behaves like a dog and loves to play and run for a bit.

"He loves it when we throw a ball to him, which he then brings and asks us to throw again," Andrey said.

The luscious Maine Coon is very affectionate, friendly, and good-natured. And when people approach the couple asking where they could get a similar cat, the couple has a clear answer.

"There's no other cat that's like Vincent. He's special, and we couldn't think of any cat that would be similar in the least. We're thankful to be his family," Andrey concluded.


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