Teenager fishes safe with $1,800, returns it to owner: "Giving back is more rewarding than taking"

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A teenage fisher using a magnet managed to pull out a safe with thousands of dollars inside from a river in England. The young man restored the safe to its owner, who had it stolen more than two decades ago.

What are the details?

George Tindale had been out magnet fishing with his dad, Kevin, on River Witham, located in Grantham, Lincolnshire. They'd been searching for a few hours when they suddenly came upon something unexpected.

The father-son team realized there was a chest in the water and managed to recover it. They opened it to find out what was inside and were amazed by what they discovered.

The mud and the slime were covering a pouch with about $1,800 inside.

"I mean, it was amazing. We pulled a safe out, and it had all that money in; we counted it roughly on the river bank, and we were shocked," George shared with The Epoch Times.

Near the pouch, George and Kevin uncovered bank cards that had expired in 2004. The cards gave them enough information to be able to track down the safe's owner, who turned out to be Rob Everett, a businessman.

The duo contacted Rob to let him know about the find, and they were also kind enough to make a special trip to the man's business in Grantham to give back the safe that had gone missing on April 16, 22 years ago.

The kindhearted father and son found out that the safe had been taken by a teenager who made away with it from Rob's old office in 2000. The teen got caught after Robert found a cap he left behind with his name stitched on it.

"I remember at the time; they went into a cabinet to get to the safe. I was upset that there was a nice pen on my desk, a Mont Blanc, that was never recovered," Rob, who runs Winkworth and the Money Options Group, recalled.

After meeting up with George and Kevin, Rob was amazed at how they managed to find him, and he felt the kindness in their good deed.

"I felt there are some nice and good people in this world. They could've just kept the money; they could have said they tried to get hold of me. They simply wanted to return the contents and the goods to the rightful owners, and I think that says a lot about humanity," Rob said.

Happy with the family's effort to find him and restore his lost property, Rob offered them a small reward for their outstanding action.

Since George is very good with numbers and Rob is in charge of a wealth management company, he has decided to give the teen a chance to learn and work with him.

"I'd love him to work for us. He's quite young, but it gives him more time, and I'd be happy to give him an opportunity. There's a big lesson there, and it teaches George that doing good and being honest and giving back is more rewarding than taking," Rob added.

George is excited and thankful for the unexpected opportunity to gain training and experience to fulfill his dreams.

"Rob was awesome. If I want work experience when I leave school, he said his offer is always open," George said.

The son and father go magnet fishing often, and they've recorded their findings on social media, attracting many followers.

Denise, George's mom, revealed that her son first got interested in magnet fishing three years ago. Even though his initial purpose was to discover treasures underwater, his work raises issues such as river pollution and its damaging effects on wildlife.

"George is very environmentally conscious. He's always been this way since primary school. When he first started to do magnet fishing, he was after treasure. So many things end up in the rivers and canals," Denise said.

The teenager shared that finding the safe is his biggest accomplishment to date, but he will keep trying to find more amazing things.

Denise was happy to learn about Rob's offer of work experience and is thankful for the connection established between them.

"How nice is that? It's just a lovely random friendship that brought us so much good. It's also ironic that a teen boy made the safe disappear, and now another teenager returns it to him," Denise concluded about the underwater safe that ended up forging a lasting friendship and mutual support.








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