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High school gives teacher farewell after 50 years of classes: "A wholesome teacher"

Amy Christie

Ms. Steelman was 22 when she started giving classes at Northview High School in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

She taught at the same school for five decades. As her last day of teaching came, her daughter filmed the touching farewell the students and the school prepared for her.

What are the details?

"My mom taught at this school for five decades. She was 22 when she started as an English teacher," the daughter wrote on social media.

On her last day, Ms. Steelman was sent off by the entire school as she left the building one last time, according to Sunnyskyz.

All the students lined up and gave her a round of applause and so many smiles. The teacher also got plenty of hugs as she made her way through the crowd of students who appreciated her and realized they were fortunate to have shared a classroom with her.

She also did a twirl, shook hands, and got many tissues for the happy tears.

"We love you, Ms. Steelman," her students said. And the woman was touched and couldn't help smiling all the way through the tears.

She's had a fulfilling career, touching the lives of so many families and students and, above all, making it more than just a job. She got close to her students and turned the school into a part of her life.

"My mom was a wholesome teacher, and everyone felt how much she cared about her students and each class," her daughter added. Her career may have ended, but her love and support for students will always be there.

"Did I mention she also raised six kids during her career, earned her Ph.D. at the age of 67, and had her first book published this year?" her daughter commented on the footage.

The online community was touched by the love and support that united fellow teachers, students, and parents who came to say goodbye to Ms. Steelman.

"What a beautiful mom," was a reaction to the video.

"Good teachers are hard to find; she has changed the world undoubtedly," was another take on it.

"The best teacher I ever had, I'm so glad I got to have her; she got me back into reading," one of her students wrote.

"Thank you to all teachers out there who dedicate their lives to the next generation."

"She looks amazing. And what a wonderful person to teach kids."

"I've been fighting back the tears watching this; she is such a sweet lady dedicating all that time to nurturing young minds. I hope she's happy."

"She taught my entire family three generations, grandparents, parents, and grandchildren."

"It's a blessing to be able to teach for many years and to retire. I wish her the best."

"Imagine the number of lives this woman has touched over 50 years of teaching. Truly amazing."

"Teachers don't get enough appreciation! I often tell my kids' teachers how much I love them! They are part of our children's village!"

"What an inspiration to the profession, women, and future generations. The kids kept her young at heart."

"God bless your mother. Respect and honor. Glory to God! Beautiful moment. I'm sure you are so proud."

"This is how we send off those that love and care for our children every day! Thank you," a mom concluded on the positive thread meant to celebrate a career full of love and support for kids of all ages.


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