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Mom at 60: "Passing values and nurturing, not just giving birth"

Amy Christie

While most people think of a young couple when marriage and kids come into the picture, that's not always how a family is shaped. Dr. Cindy Trimm, who lives in Stockbridge, Georgia, learned what it means to be fulfilled when marrying later in life, and she cherishes the opportunity to guide and love her husband's kids. She may not have given birth to them, but Cindy knows there is so much more to being a mother than bringing a child into the world.

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"When I was young, I took a lot for granted, such as what it takes to be a mother. It wasn't until I grew up that I saw how blessed I was because of my mother. When people think about motherhood and marriage, they usually consider young couples starting their lives together. However, more women are deciding to become moms later in life," Trimm shared with Your Tango about changing ideals and what being a mom stands for.

Most events in her life happened a bit later compared to her friends, but she doesn't consider this a disadvantage. Instead, Trimm got the opportunity to fully understand what each phase in life meant and enjoy the changes it brought.

"From my first kiss to my first marriage and going through motherhood at 60, everything happened later. So, people were curious as to why I waited to marry. I wasn't going to settle. Marrying late has its perks. First, you already know who you are. Second, the marriage comes with a package deal: children. My husband was just the person I envisioned marrying; I was blessed to assume the role of a mother to some amazing human beings," she said.

Taking the time to find the right partner was worth it to her because happiness needs special ingredients. At the same time, she understood that the time to give birth would pass, and she was ok with that. Cindy was fortunate enough to marry a man who already had children, so she still got the chance to experience motherhood fully.

"Marrying later in life, I knew having children birthed by me was out of the question. There was a silver lining, though. My marriage came with grown children I adore, and they adore me," she explained.

She spent some time trying to understand what being a mom is and how it connected to her on a deeper level.

"Since I have never birthed children, I thought about my definition of motherhood. Yes, it is about giving birth, adopting a child, having a family, and cultivating the destiny of someone younger. But being a mother is more than that."

Moms give a unique gift through selfless love and dedication to kids. They also help their children live in a meaningful way and guide them, so they learn how to make the best choices.

"Motherhood is a priceless and remarkable gift. It's a privilege to be allowed to contribute to the shaping of a life. It's about giving kids the tools they need for happy and meaningful lives," Trimm said.

Mothers are also called to learn new skills and somehow discover abilities they never even knew they had.

"Motherhood summons abilities and capabilities you never knew you had. It's about passing values and nurturing, not just giving birth. My mother singlehandedly raised seven children; amongst the roles she played, she had to be a father, electrician, plumber, etc. She fixed what was broken, including our hearts and sometimes our lives. She repaired what was tattered, or torn, including flooring and clothing. Motherhood is about courage because it requires fearlessness, resolution, and a strong sense of 'enoughness.'"

As she gives and receives hugs and so much love every day, she bonds with her kids and feels that being a mom is a gift that can't be surpassed by anything. It's a gift to yourself and your whole family.

"Motherhood is one of the greatest professions, and we get to shape lives in the process. It's about being a shoulder to cry on as you encourage them to reach for the stars and be one. It's about giving a standing ovation when your kids are successful and a helping hand when they fall," she added.

The values sent out by mothers come back to nurture whole communities, and they often teach people how to get their life back on track despite the trials they face.

"Motherhood brings meaning to being overwhelmed in the best possible sense of the word. It's about sacrifice, becoming a lifetime advocate, cheerleader, and consultant for your child because, at every milestone, we demonstrate unconditional love, wisdom, and faith in our children, who will cherish the memories we created beyond the lifetime of their mother — this is a gift that keeps on giving," she concluded.


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