Amputee couple raises toddler son: "He is the reason we keep moving forward"

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Minh Khuong Luu, 28, was jus having a walk in Hoa Binh Park, Hanoi, when he met Le Thu Thi Nguyen and Ngoc Bao Doan. Their son, Minh Tri Doan, was with them and the parents were beaming and so full of positive energy that they inspired Khuong to take a few photos.

And once he learned the details of their story, he decided everyone needed to find out about their family and realize that love can truly help you face anything and find happiness and a reason to go on.

What are the details?

"The happy way their eyes met; the warm gestures between them prompted me to capture that moment and to give the photos to them as a little surprise," Khuong shared with The Epoch Times about what made him notice the family in the park.

And he didn't just take pictures; the man wanted to find out more about their life. He listened to all the hardships they went through and was amazed at the way love kept them together and made them see the good side of things while raising their son.

"I felt the urge to share their story with the younger generation," he said.

After he posted the images on social media, thousands of comments came from people all over the world who resonated with the young family. Thirty million users worldwide were touched by the story that turned love into a reason to go on and the greatest resource to face anything.

Thu is from Bac Giang province and works as an accountant with a company located in Hanoi. As a little girl, she was involved in an accident while holding her sister and lost her right leg.

Bao, who is 29, is a freelance video editor and lost his left leg due to illness.

Even though both of them had to deal with many challenges, they always prided themselves on staying independent and not giving up.

Bao got Thu's attention due to his sporty nature as she came across his photo after a marathon.

She went to his social media profile and scrolled through other photos, and was touched when she saw he could skate on just one leg and was determined not to let his circumstances stop his dreams.

"I was drawn by his positivity and his smile and decided to make a move. He accepted my friend request; then we had some talks," Thu recalls.

The two of them set a time to go on a date, but they missed it a few times. In the end, when they finally met, they instantly knew they wanted to spend more time together.

A few months later, they got married, supported by their family and friends.

The couple was overjoyed when they found out they would be parents soon after the wedding. Unfortunately, Thu's pregnancy was quite difficult.

"My husband couldn't pick me up. He was worried and asked for help from the neighbors. Luckily, we were all safe," Thu said.

Tri, their son, was born healthy, and his parents were blissful despite the difficult circumstances they were in.

"We lost our jobs and didn't have any income. It was such a challenging time for both of us; if it wasn't for love and compassion, we would've easily argued with each other," Thu said.

The couple decided to focus on looking after each other, taking care of their son, doing exercise, reading, and constantly improving themselves.

"We tried our best to offer our son nutritious meals. We were satisfied with just anything," Thu shared.

That's how they built their approach to parenthood. They enjoyed every minute with Tri and realized that their lives were so much better after welcoming him.

"Our son is a precious gift we were blessed with. He is the reason we keep moving forward and is our motivation to work hard and live a good life. He's our medicine and joy," the happy mom said.

Holding their son, feeding him, and putting him to bed was hard due to mobility issues, but both parents were resilient and always found a way to solve things for their family.

"As for us, we have to hop. However, doing so is dangerous, as we might fall," Thu explained.

It was also challenging to guide Tri to take his first steps.

"We had to hop to guide him. We just couldn't keep up with him when he went fast, so he fell," Thu said.

Both are first-time parents, so they're still finding their way, but they feel confident about the future.

"We keep in our heart that we will create a good environment for him to grow. We won't pressure him or ask him to follow our wishes. We want him to know we are always on his side," Thu concluded about how much it means to stay upbeat and add positivity to your life each day.


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