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Couple touched by neighbors' kindness while settling into country living: "We all need each other"

Amy Christie

Madison Mealy and her husband decided to move away from the city after starting their family. Once they had their baby, they just knew they wouldn't want to share wonderful memories in a city apartment.

Fresh air and country living was more suited to what they wanted their family to become, so they didn't think twice about moving.

What they didn't expect was the kindness they received from all their neighbors. People who hadn't met them before came to help them as they were getting used to their new way of life.

What are the details?

Both Madison and her husband have lived in the city their whole lives. Even though they wished to be outside more, they didn't really know all the details about farm life and the outdoors.

So, as soon as they moved into their new house in Bryson City, North Carolina, her husband headed to the store to get his very first lawn mower.

However, he didn't know precisely what was needed, so he came back with a small push-mower, according to Sunnyskyz.

The couple has a huge yard, so Madison was sure it would take him hours to get it done.

At the same time, her husband was carrying their son in a backpack, so he could get some fresh air while he was taking care of the grass.

Madison went to have a shower, and when she came back, she just peeked through the window to see if there was any progress outside.

What she saw brought her close to tears.

"I thought he still had like 5 hours left, but then I saw this," Madison said.

Several neighbors had stopped while driving by their home after seeing her husband work with his tiny mower.


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"They all came and mowed the entire lawn to help us. We've never met them before," Madison added.

The neighbors had been touched after realizing the new dad was trying his best but simply didn't know his way around country life yet.

"There's a lot of good still in this world," Madison said after witnessing the help and support from their neighbors.

People they hadn't spoken to before noticed their struggle and wouldn't stand by and leave them alone. They decided to help out, showing how tight-knit the community is in the area.

Madison posted the heartwarming video on social media so more people could see what it means to receive help and kindness when you least expect it.

The online community resonated with the lovely gesture, and the footage prompted thousands of positive comments, brought back memories, and made people come closer despite the distance.

"Tiny mower and a baby on his back. Bless his heart," one commenter wrote.

"When I moved in with my wife, I had never mowed before. Bought a corded electric mower; ran over the cord," was another reaction to the footage.

"I used to mow our front pastures, and one day the local hay farmers came by and started baling it for us. There are still some good folks around."

"That made me tear up. You just don't see this anymore."

"Relocated to the Midwest recently. On day one, we found our new neighbor in our backyard mowing because 'it hadn't been cut in a while.' Great people here!"

"This makes my heart smile. This is how it went when my sister and I moved into the country. The community came together to help us get what we needed."

"That's the sweetest; people are awesome sometimes."

"I love living in smaller/rural communities for this reason. This is so pure; how sweet are they."

"That's cool to see. I don't see much good in people anymore."

"I have stopped and helped people mow with my big mower. Some people can't afford a big fancy mower. I help where I can with what I got."

"I love people like that. I needed to see this. You'll see this a lot in the country. Neighbors helping neighbors. Faith in humanity can be restored one act of kindness at a time."

"Those are good neighbors. Cherish them."

"That is truly what life is about. We all need each other," a touching comment concluded about the value of community and how supporting each other helps everyone live the life they dream of and keep making memories filled with love.


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