Man won't give up umbrella in the wind: "It was a life-rain situation"

Amy Christie

Rainy days may make you want to stay inside reading, writing, or catching up on some games, but what if a storm catches you unexpectedly? A man tried hard to hold onto his umbrella and wouldn't let it go as the wind got stronger.

Confronted with so much rain and losing balance at times, in the end, he kept the stick and went inside.

What are the details?

Rain can be unexpected, but a downpour was more than an unwelcome surprise for a man who was just crossing the street.

There were several puddles to go over, and two women were in front of him. They were all headed for the same building, but the way they reacted to the rain made all the difference.

The two women didn't bother looking for an umbrella and just ran in the rain. They made it inside in a few seconds and kept watching what was happening to the man, according to Sunnyskyz.

He opened his umbrella, feeling sure this would protect him from getting wet and cold. Unfortunately, the wind was also strong, so the umbrella got a direction of its own. And the harder he tried to stay under it, the wetter he got.

The man didn't give up so easily, though. As the wind pushed the umbrella the other way on the sidewalk, he went with it and tried to stay under it at all times. He also attempted to go on the path of the wind so the umbrella wouldn't break.

Despite his efforts, the hail, the raindrops, and the wind got ahead of the umbrella. The top part just flew off in the rain, and the man finally headed inside the building. As soon as he got in, everyone saw he was still holding the stick. He had been attached to his umbrella and absolutely tried to give it a chance to the last second.

His determination against the rain was caught on camera, and the video was posted on social media.

The online community immediately reacted to the trying moments, many people resonating with what happened to the man and sharing smiles or laughter on the positive thread that gathered thousands of reactions.

"Nothing can embarrass you more than your umbrella on a windy day," one user wrote after seeing the footage.

"He tried hard for that umbrella," was another reaction.

"When he puts up the umbrella, the wind blows harder."

"This was so funny to me; I watched it over and over."

"Everyone's looking at the umbrella, but his backpack also tried to make off at one point."

"I've seen it 100 times, and I still can't stop laughing."

"The umbrella still went away. It needed to fly."

"I loved this. Keep on trying, don't let it go."

"And that's why I no longer use an umbrella."

"Can't stop laughing; I'm crying, then laughing again. He wouldn't give it up."

"Maybe the umbrella flew, but he still has the stick, mind you. Good one. made me laugh for half an hour."

"It was a life-rain situation," another user added to the thread.

"That was so funny; he really wanted to keep that umbrella."

"I do the same too. I don't care if it's cheap, it stays because it's mine. But it didn't; the wind got it, so funny."

"I hope one day I can trust someone as much as he trusted that umbrella," a comment concluded the upbeat thread that brightened the day for so many people watching the rain-umbrella situation.

Do you still use an umbrella?


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