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Couple values not sleeping in same bed: "We cherish the space"

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Luana Ribeira and Alex, her partner, have always slept in separate rooms all the six years they've been together. This hasn't stopped them from making happy memories, and they've also welcomed a baby.

The arrangement had a positive effect on their relationship, and they feel that it's helping them stay creative, positive, and more in love with each other every day. Plus, they always look forward to the next morning to see their partner again.

What are the details?

"My creativity hour is 2 a.m. No matter how much work I do in sociable hours, it's when I spring awake inspired. My friends ask me if I see this as annoying, and the answer is not really. Though it's not the most convenient time, I am at my most productive because of how focused I am. And it's paid dividends for my PR business," Luana shared with Insider about her profession and what she needs to be successful.

However, while understanding that earning well requires sacrifices, most people ask her what her partner thinks about it.

"People ask me if Alex, my partner, finds this annoying. And the answer is no. He is not a deep sleeper who doesn't mind me turning the light on and typing; he is just fast asleep in another room, where he's been sleeping for the six years that we've been together," Luana said.

Sleeping in different rooms has benefitted their relationship

Luana values the fact that she and her partner always wished to sleep separately, and they also trusted each other enough to say it.

"We've always preferred to sleep separately, and I feel lucky we were confident enough to share this need with each other so early on. In all my previous relationships, it wasn't a good reaction when I said I'd like my own space. Knowing Alex wasn't offended and he also wanted his space was music to my ears. This was great for my work, and our arrangement has also been positive for our relationship," the woman explained.

This way, they get to have a restful sleep and avoid arguments related to snoring or any other reasons that would keep them up.

"We're always well-rested. It seems simple, but I know from friends that this is not generally the case when sharing a room. Tiredness can lead to less patience with your partner. And if we happen to have a restless night, we don't argue about who was snoring, keeping the other up. No matter the reason, it wasn't each other," Luana shared.

Ideas come easy in the early hours

Luana and Alex are used to working from home in Dallas, Texas, so their schedules rarely match. That's why sleeping in different rooms takes away all the pressure since none of them has to worry about who gets up early and how to make less noise. Instead, they just focus on getting the best results.

"We both work from home, and we have different schedules. And when we don't have to worry about one of us getting up earlier or going to sleep later than the other, we can flourish professionally and personally. Interestingly, Alex's awesome hour is also 2 a.m. So, we sometimes bump into each other while engrossed in our projects. I love it when it happens — we share ideas, touch base, then head to work through it all. After that, we just collapse into each bed and spread to our heart's content."

Being away for a while makes love strong

Luana and Alex value each other's time and rest, but that doesn't mean they're not close. They do their best to care for time and space but also know love matters more than anything.

"We are very tight, and we value our time and space; we're confident enough to be able to offer ourselves what we need."

When they became parents, they did go through a time of doubt, not knowing if sleeping separately would still work for them. As it turns out, there was no need to change anything.

"When we had Celyn, our baby, we wondered if the arrangement would still work or need adjusting. It turned out great, though. Alex helps me settle him in the evening; after that, he'll go to bed while I'm working at night. Since he's well-rested, Alex is happy to get up early and get Celyn, letting me get some uninterrupted sleep before I get up," the mom said.

They value quality time together, and they keep on showing love and attention as their family grows and they get to live unique moments they will treasure in years to come.

"We spend the evenings together appreciating each other's company — then we say goodnight and go to our rooms. Even if some people can't get their heads around this, we truly feel excited in the morning knowing we'll see each other again," Luana concluded about the way she and her partner are reconnecting with each other daily, without stress or too-high expectations, simply knowing they love each other and cherish their family no matter what happens.




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