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Max, the huskie, and Quackers, the duck, bond as friends: "They do everything together"

Amy Christie

A huskie and a duck have become best friends. They're now inseparable and have fun together each day. It doesn't matter if it's rainy or cloudy; the two of them go out on their walks and have naps and treats together.

And the more time they spend bonding, the stronger their friendship gets.

What are the details?

The people who live near Hutchinson, Minnesota, are used to seeing the huskie walk along the road with his best friend.

"Sometimes, on my way home, I kind of hope they're out there because they're so precious to look at," a neighbor said, according to Sunnyskyz.

Every day, no matter if it's sunny or rainy, the pair can be seen along the road, looking cozy and at ease. That part of the road that they love can get lonely, and in some ways, it's a reminder of how the duck and the husky first met.

"Initially, Max was everywhere; he was so energetic and curious," Patrick Riley, his owner, said.

The man and his wife Kirsten adopted Max 7 years ago. It didn't take him long to make friends with Sasha, another huskie who lived with the couple at that time. Unfortunately, when Sasha passed away, Max was left all alone, and he wasn't interested in activities anymore. That lasted until the couple adopted Quackers, the duck.

Little Quackers had also lost some siblings along the way and had no friends to comfort him.

"Max would sit near his pen all the time, and I think that's how they bonded. And then, after we let Quackers outside, they just wouldn't leave each other's side," Patrick said.

Quackers instantly liked Max the first time they met, and that feeling was mutual. Now they're no longer alone and go about doing everything together.

"They sleep together; they eat together. They drink water together; they go for walks down the road. They do everything together," Kirsten said.

They also share a sleeping space. Max and Quackers have their own carpet in the garage, and they take naps there or sleep the whole night.

So, really early in the morning, it's not unusual to hear paws and webbed feet going about the day, maybe even a quack and a bark.

"People stop all the time to see them. Things slow down on the road a lot because everyone is taking pictures," the neighbor added.

The Rileys love seeing the photos because each one is a wonderful statement of friendship without limits.

"It's a different friendship and love. Max is no longer young, but if you measure your good years by being a friend to someone else, then these two have plenty of miles on their side. After all, if a dog and duck can put aside their differences, why can't the rest of us?" Patrick said.
"Some people said that a duck needs a companion and that once they have that, they're set for life. So, that's what Quackers and Max have," Kirsten concluded.


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