Cat shows up during flight: "Kitty got curious about planes"

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A woman was headed home when, suddenly, a cat showed up on top of one seat. No one knew exactly who the owner was for a few minutes, but the kitty was comfortable and looking around to see the new place she was in. The main cabin travelers were smiling and comforting the cat as she discovered what flying is all about.

What are the details?

Ashley McCormick was relaxing, thinking of what she should do first after she got back, when all her ideas came to a stop. An unusual sight greeted her only a few chairs away.

A beige cat was sitting on top of a chair, looking carefully at the passengers and getting her very first idea about what flying means, according to Sunnyskyz.

The people traveling first class were definitely surprised by the unusual sight, but everyone tried their best to be welcoming and not to stress the cat. The passenger closest to the kitty gently stroked her, so she knew she was safe despite the constant movement.

The kitty stayed balanced on the chair and kept watching every detail. All in all, this experience made many travelers smile and remember what it was like when they first got on a plane, even if it was a few years ago.

The kitty didn't get scared and didn't jump toward anyone. Instead, she just stood her ground, trying her best to understand what was going on and what that place was.

The unique moment took place while the plane was going up.

Ashley posted the endearing video on social media and captioned it, "First-class kitty got loose during our ascension."

The footage reached millions of people in the online community and several users added comments that showed they were touched.

"The woman who was reaching her hand out to pet the cat was just awesome. Kitty needed some love and support while flying. It took some courage, too," one user commented.

"Looking around for who's allergic."

"I'm allergic, but I wouldn't care. Seeing that would make my day. Hope no one got in trouble."

"She's like 'yeah, my litter box is not over here,'" was another reaction.

"Is it me? Are you looking at me? I'm not doing anything special," another commenter added on the thread.

"Kitty got curious about planes," a user said about the cat who was brave enough to love being on a plane and enjoy her flight.

The cat stayed there for several minutes, and as soon as passengers were allowed to get up, her owner hugged her and looked after her. And now, everyone on that flight has a memory to share with friends and family for years to come.


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