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Couple celebrates 70th anniversary with initial lace dress: "Respect each other even when you don't agree"

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A couple from Mitchell, South Dakota, has celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary with all their family. The bride wore her original wedding dress, and the heartwarming photoshoot that followed brought back many treasured memories from their love story.

What are the details?

Nancy Lubbers, 87, took out her white lace dress that cost $35 when she got married seven decades ago. She wore it for the anniversary celebration with her husband Melvin, 91.

The pair met on a skating rink, and Melvin proposed to Nancy at a ballpark. They married in 1952 as teenagers in love.

Seventy years have passed since that wonderful moment, and today the couple has five kids, 12 grandkids, and 21 great-grandkids.

The whole family wished to have a celebration for the couple's 70th anniversary, and Anna, their youngest granddaughter, took photos to mark the once-in-a-lifetime occasion in the family garden.

"My grandparents just have a few photos from their wedding day. I got the idea to take photos of Grandma wearing her dress, and then my mom, Melissa, found Grandpa's army suit. I'm glad I could capture their love 70 years after their wedding day. The photos are so precious, and our family loves them," Anna shared with The Epoch Times.

The veil cost Nancy $15, and she treasured her dress through the decades since then.

She felt wonderful wearing the gown again and recapturing the very beginning of her love with Melvin, the hopes and dreams they had then, knowing how far they have come in 70 years.

"It was an honor that I could still get in it. My dress was something special. I loved it, so I preserved it and kept it all these years. It felt good to wear it again, and we had fun reminiscing about our wedding day," Nancy said.

And when he saw his wife wearing the same dress she had on her wedding day, Melvin felt that it "brought back some good memories."

The couple got married in a church, and then they had a meal in the church basement with their guests. Melvin remembers they had cake and ice cream for dessert.

The newlyweds didn't get a chance to go on a honeymoon because Melvin was called for service three weeks after tying the knot. He was away for four months to complete his basic training.

"I was home for a 10-day leave; then I was sent to Japan for training before being sent to Korea. I was there for eight months in 1952," Melvin said.

After he came back, he became a salesman, and Nancy was employed at a grocery store. They also had a farm with sheep to look after.

The two of them also have some advice for a long and blissful marriage. The way to resolve arguments and how to know when to let things go and just forgive and move on is at the center of their happy married life. And respecting your partner in every circumstance also helps to see the bright side of things.

"You won't always agree; sometimes you will have a disagreement, but when you have one of those, just sit down and talk about it, then come up with an answer. And once it's resolved, don't bring it back up," Melvin said.

"Always respect each other even when you don't agree. Show lots of love and care and forgive and forget. Just make the best of your life," Nancy added, pointing out just how much it means to be able to forgive and let go of resentment, always keeping in mind what brought you together rather than what makes you annoyed for a while.


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